Avira, Avast & AVG.

I tested Avast, Avira & AVG with 30 Zero-Day Malware. Now all the 3 Antivirus’s has WebGuard Protection. The test was to see the the similarity/difference between the Realtime & Web Protection of the Products.

In my test, I say in my test coz atleast here the results were so.

Avira - Realtime & Web Protection has same protection i.e whatever detected by Web Protection were also detected Realtime. So I think Web Protection in Avira doesn’t provides any extra protection than its Realtime. If it provides it may provide very very little extra protection than realtime but here with 30 zeroday malware test there was no difference.

Avast - Realtime & Web Protection has different Protection. So Web Protection can be useful & its the best Web Protection among the 3 AV’s.

AVG - Realtime & Web Protection has different Protection. But I find the Web Protection not that good & the least protective among the 3 AV’s.

Also did a rightclick scan only with the 3 AV’s & Comodo & MSE.

Comodo, Avira & MSE detected the most & the same amount of malware i.e 23/30

AVG - 19/30

Avast - 18/30 but it gave the autosandbox popup for 3 malware when I opened the malware folder. I didn’t hover the mouse on any malware & didn’t clicked any malware, single or double click but it gave the autosandbox popup & think they were not the autorun malware too.