Avira AV detected something in Comodo folder

I use Avira AV for manual scans.

Today I got this result

Comodo/CLT/Coat.dll > SPR/Dldr.GetTest

what is this about? false positiv?

Yep. the file itself has no malicious purpose though obviously is a leaktest meant to check the firewall protection against Coat techniques eventually abused by real threats.

[i][b]25. Impersonation: Coat[/b][/i] [b]What does it do ? [/b] Tries use rename itself as the default browser in memory and connect to the Internet. [b]What is the risk ? [/b] Firewalls may think the actual process behind the Internet connection request is the trusted browser.

You’re probably going to want to report the FP to Avira.

Please go to Avira submit sample page here.
And submit as “False positive”

okay, thank you