Avira Antivir

All the time I start my computer CPF asks me to permit Avira to conect to internet, even if I check the “remember” box it asks me again when I re-start. What can I do?
Thanks in advance. :wink:


One way would be to open CPF, press the Security button & select the Tasks tab. On this tab use “Define a New Trusted Application” to add Avira (omit the parent check) & see it that resolves it.

But, before you did that, I would appreciate if you first Allow Avira (remembered) via the normal CPF pop-up. But, this time… close CPF manually before you reboot. Does this resolve it?

Closing Comodo and rebboting didn’t work, but ading the application manualy worked.
Thanks for your help. (:WIN)

OK. Thanks for trying the reboot thing. :slight_smile:

This issue has already been reported with other apps (Mozilla & Firefox) & I assume the CPF team are already looking at it(?).