Avira Antivir vs. COMODO AV

Hi all. I’ve been using Avira for over 5 years and never had any malware problems. Now that COMODO 3.9 is out, I thought about trying out its AV. After the scan compleated COMODO’s scan results show that i have 66 threats. :-[

All of the files end with .bpl and the threat name is Heur.Packed.Unknown. All of the files are located in C:\windows\Installer(very long random numbers and letter)\

Is this something serious that Avira missed or simply false positives ?

Also are there any opinions on which one is the current best AV ?

FP’s on Comodos behalf. Just look at AV Comparatives and you will see who the best av is.


Good to know on what things in life you can depend on :slight_smile: