Avira AntiVir promotion-6 months free premium licence!

Well I don’t have intention to install it, but still, screenshots would be nice :slight_smile:

Just for you Salmonela,

Been using for a few hours only prob so far is tray icon ???


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No tray icon?

It does show and respond as it always did…here at least…

Cheers to riggers, though.

Avira 8 free in German:

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Got it working by going into Avira folder and running avgnt.exe

Dont know what will happen after re boot.Anyways what does Hilfsdienst mean?Ive got it as action for module.



ps The Webguard scanner does only scans http(port 80) not https(port443)

Looks like a nice clean interface. And WebGuard is an almost essential addition-will it scan other http ports like 8080? Couldn’t find much detail on their site for the new product, so a few questions to the regular users to compare to Avast!:

  1. Can it scan encrypted email, even using a proxy? (gmail for example)
  2. Are the updates transparent to the user and frequent?
  3. Is there a helpful, well supported forum by the company? (not just user to user, abandoned by the company tech staff)
  4. Is there a spinning icon so one can see that things are happening when they shouldn’t be? ( I have actually found runaway processes that way, not viruses :)) Or vice versa?
  5. How does the free version compare?
  6. Does it scan for spyware, trojans , rootkits where appropriate? (email, webguard, on-access, on-demand)
  7. Is it fast in Vista? Really just qualitative, enough slowdown to be noticeable/annoying

I can’t get myself or others very excited about a few % difference in detection tests, but these kind of things are what users want to know that I deal with. No matter what the answers, still seems a fine new product to consider. And the free 6 months is great! :BNC

Thanks, got me a licence too so I can test it later :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

  1. No only outgoing SMTP/incoming POP3

2.Yes,a small unobtrusive window appears(top right)

3.Yes the forum is not to bad (plenty of input from Avira staff)

4.Not really,just a visual and acoustic alert if anything is found

5.Only just switched from Classic but Doesn`t seem much differant(aside from the Webshield and Email scanner) oh and i nearly forgot,you get access to the PREMIUM servers :o woooooo


7.First reports from forum about a third quicker than V7

First impressions are,seems allright well see how it goes :-\


Thank you riggers :-TU

Thanks Matty. Looks like they are doing all the right things.

I am home now and just installed it. Loving it so far. But should I make the web scanner a web browser in predefined firewall policy’s or just leave it trusted?

Running Avira Free 8 here on 2 PCs. Update was via usual update routine and everything is fine.

Never mind I made it trusted. I was thinking something else. NOD32 has 2 processes using around 36K. Avira Premium has 6 processes but only using 23K. I want to disable the email scanner since I only use web based email but the email scanner only uses 980K so whats the big deal.

For me webguard process had permanently 41k :wink:

Here is proof.

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According to the help file Webguard monitors ports 8080 and 3128 in addition to 80.

i can’t download the premium version :cry:

oh well, now i’m downloading antivir 8 FREE 88)

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Downloaded for me no problems.

i got the error/problem loading page when i clicked this link.
nevermind, i removed avast4.8 & using antivir 8 FREE now :BNC :BNC jessica alba loves free product.
i don’t know if it’s true, but i feel my comp loads faster now :BNC

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Mine loads faster also.