Avira AntiVir promotion-6 months free premium licence!

For a limited time Avira are offering a free 6 month licence for the premium version of AntiVir.To receive your key just fill in the simple form here:



Awesome…when is Avira 8 coming out though. (:SAD)

Supposedly tomorrow the 15th.

:slight_smile: i was gonna say “vettetech’s gonna need this” ;D

so, if we use the key,will it be updated to antivir 8 too or we’ll stuck with version 7?

The product will be automatically updated to version 8 as soon as it arrives,the promotional licence has no restrictions. :BNC

woohohoooo :BNC
i’ll kiss you later after i download it. (:TNG)
thx :Beer

i got 1 YEAR license :BNC :BNC woohoooo :BNC :BNC :BNC

How did you get a 1 year?

I’m sincerely hoping that shin-ganda is the name by which Jessica Alba uses the Comodo forums. (:LGH)

Are you sure you have a 1 year licence? from what I read the licence runs until October.That’s unless,of course you really are Jessica Alba in which case I’m sure that Avira offered a special deal (:TNG)

I took a look, although not an Avira user, and it looks like a great deal to those who are thinking of using it or upgrading. You get a free one year license, but it actualy expires in 6 months (183 days). Avira 8 is out today, being pushed to the registered users, and does include the Webguard-but it is apparently not installed by default, and needs to be added after installation. Haven’t heard about the general download, but look with Google for Avira 8 or try their forum.

coz i AM Jessica Alba ;D

i don’t know, i just registered & i got it ???

edit: i’m so excited and post 3 same pics (:TNG)

:frowning: this disrespect jessica alba!
oh, well still have 6 month, not bad
are you sure avira 8 is out already? i’m still downloading avira 7 ???

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Avira 8 is out for downloading. Check there site.

:frowning: 60% downloading antivir 7 using “mouter”. >:(

Downloading version 8 right now…at 4k! :THNK

Something tells me that their servers are under a heavy load at the moment,perhaps everyone heard that Jessica Alba is a fan. (:TNG)

Got It! Webguard IS included. :BNC

I registered and they sent my key. I downloaded and installed this AV. I tested it.
I don’t doubt is a great AV, you are lucky, six months for free. But not is my cup of tea ;).
I came back to AVAST 4.8 free.
Is my opinion, if you think or do yo prefer AVIRA, install and enjoy.

Avira always comes out on top of any av test. AV Comparatives gave it a 99.7 where has Avast was 97.6.

Maybe Avira is better than AVAST, i don’t know, i have got no problems. But i have got a safe surfing, downloading and install of programs. I don’t know why, but AVAST is more friendly and comfotable for my taste. In my language, is lighter than Avira, i prefer Avast interface.I think isn’t only detection rate. I repeat, is my opinion.
If you and others prefer AVIRA, isntall and enjoy a 6 months full licence for free.
I’ve got friends don’t like CPW, they prefer their FW’s, and i respect their opinions.

Sounds good, but free edition is fine for me, as I only use the on-demand function, and got another solution for spyware. But maybe get it just for the program to say it’s premium… :THNK


Some screenshots of new v.8 would be nice to see here (:WAV)

Well, install it and you don’t need a screenshot…:slight_smile:

Yes, now it’s a bit more in Vista style… Well I don’t mind, it’s more beautiful than before, even if I don’t intend to use Vista as an OS…

The free AVIRA version does offer enough protection, just combine it with a great free AS (for example ST) and a great free T scanner (emsisoft a squared free with beta updates atm) and a great FW (everyone here knows what FW we’re talkin 'bout)…