Avira AntiVir Premium (Webguard) and Comodo Firewall = huge latency

I’ve detected internet slowdown (http only) and a very huge latency with Avira ( Webguard from Avira Antivir Premium with Comodo Firewall 4.1.1504349.920

What I would like to know is that if I’m the only one having this issue of there is more people having this.
For example, using your favorite internet browser:

  1. open for example www.cnn.com
  2. Hugeeeeeeeeeee latency till the connection is made and starts to load
  3. Effective load of the webpage

When I uninstall Webguard component from avira (disable doesn’t work since webguard service continues working and act like a layer for all http connections) this huge frustating latency is gone.

I’ve already posted on Avira foruns but I would like to ear from other Comodo Firewall users having this combination of software (or maybe comodo should add avira antivir premium to blacklist of new installs) since this problem is huge.

I hope that this way we can track if this is avira or comodo fault.
Thank you.

General advice is that it works fine if you disable cis av.

I’m only using comodo firewall.

I mean:
Realtime on-demand Antivirus: Avira
Firewall: comodo

Can you start disabling components of each software and find out after disabling which ones it starts to work normal again?

Hopefully this will allow you to locate the problem.

Well… if I disable the Avira Webguard the problem is gone.
I can test on Comodo then :slight_smile: I’ll post back when I have new info

I want to check something… what windows are you using, 32bit or 64bit?

Windows 7 64-bit (7600.16539.amd64fre.win7_gdr.100226-1909)

So, problems with http latency are completely gone. It feels that I have doubled my Internet speed.

And now? What to do? Will this be classified as a bug and be fixed?
Will Comodo blacklist Avira Antivir Premium when installing comodo firewall?

Something must be done!

The more software you use, the more you slow down your computer.

Webguard is documented for being responsible of a latency in downloading, but only slowing http connexion if a malware is running (or if too many softwares are running: different causes for the same result).

In these conditions, i am not sure that whatever a bug exists, but even if so, why would it come from Comodo and not from Avira?

I’m running a i7-920 plus 12GB of ram.
The slowdown of a computer is the last this I expect to experience with this machine.

Avira Webguard and Comodo firewall, combined, generate a huge, massive http loading latency. That is a fact. It can take more than 1 minute to establish the first connection when opening a new webpage.

I’m not saying that is Comodo fault. I’ve also posted on Avira forums this same issue.

If it isn’t comodo fault this bug it is at least to add avira antivir premium to block list when installing comodo, since it will completely destroy the web experience of the user if they are installed at the same time.

Perfect would be that this issue be solved.

I’ve been seeing some comodo + 3rd party AV conflict myself on x64 only on version 4.x.