Avira AntiVir + Nod32

got a little problem
when i run an on demand scan in Avira, Nod32 v2.7 AMON scans every file that Avira is accessing to scan. It slows the scan down and is there anyway to stop this from happening apart from shutting down AMON.
I have excluded the Avira program directory in AMON setup but this didnt help.

Also when i run a manual scan in Avira it stops scanning when it finds a virus/false positive. Is there away for it to show me the detections afterwards without stopping the scan? - I dont want to sit by it while it scans :THNK


Using a real-time AV along with a scanner sounds like a no-go to me, although I know that CFP’s built in scanner should be able to scan with an AV running along. Why don’t you want to disable NOD32 temporarily? That would probably help you! Do you really need to scan with Avira when you have one of the very best AV:s out there (NOD32)?


i know that Avira has good signitures wheres Nod32 has good heuristics so i run Avira’s on demand scan once a week as it takes some time. I run Nod32 once every night. So i was just doing that to be safe.
Avira is not onstartup either if it makes a difference so i only open it when im gong to scan.

Also is there anyway for Avira to do the scan sliently and prest a report at the end of detections rateher than pausing the scan and interrupting me?


You’ll need to add your HDD(s) to NOD32’s ignore list if you don’t want it to scan the files when Avira does, so just disable it temporarily instead.
For your other question, open Avira’s configuration, and go to ScannerScan Action for concerning files and choose Automatic, and then choose Ignore.
If any virus(es) are found, you’ll be able to see that in the report.