Avira AntiVir / how to map port

Hello Comodo Community,

I have done tons of searching around the internet and your forums and found that the reason that Avira’s Antivir guard service will not start is in fact the firewall restricting access to localhost. I am unable to find out how exactly to create a rule that would allow such a connection to be made, currently every single service that Avira has on my computer is set to trusted application; to no avail.

Any help or a walk through regarding how to allow the guard access via a firewall rule would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

How do you see that Avira’s Antivir guard service does’nt start ? On my computer avguard.exe is well in the Active Process list and on your’s ? Lancelot

I have no probs with Avira and Comodo. Try to uninstall Avira. You can it install again and set comodo at learning and install/update modus. then it should match, in my opinion.

Hi there, thank you for your replies!

I am seeing the guard not start because of a few things. Firstly, the little umbrella which makes me feel Oh so safe does not open. Secondly, the windows security center pops up and lets me know that I currently do not have any virus protection running. Lastly, upon opening the AntiVir security center, the service had a huge red mark and says START next to it! (:NRD) (:LOV)

I will definitely try reinstalling it if there is no other way but just to inquire, I need to set Comodo to install mode, then install the program, then set Comodo back to normal?

Thanks again for the help!

1st question. when was the last update of avira?
It sounds like an older avira file. Sometimes avira doesnt update, if the files were older and the last update was a “looong” time ago (you have to update it nearly every day for “security” (:KWL).

How to install avira under observation of :comodo110:
1.download newest avira files
2.abort your internet-connection (highest security-level (:WIN) )
3.deinstallation of avira
4.installation of avira
then, if comodo will ask you the 1st time, you select the point: treat this application as … installer/updater
Maybe comodo will ask you, to switch to installation-mode again.
If avira is installed, and it has checked your machine, you switch the i-net on.
comodo will change automaticly to learning-modus, you can see it in the popup in the lower right corner. :BNC
try it …
greetings sven

Sven… I love you! I guess reinstalling the application allowed the firewall’s install mode to properly learn all of the application’s bits - the service now starts automatically. Thank you!

As a general question - in your opinion do you think the default settings the Comodo firewall is installed with provide ample protection for a computer or would you modify them / increase protection to make the firewall more useful? I have left the security levels and such in both the firewall and defense+ as they where when I installed them.

O0 :■■■■

Hi. Im very pleased about, that i could help you.
At the moment i can’t answer to your question about the default settings.
Previously i must translate the userguide of comodo, because my english is not so good :SMLR
and i use comodo since not so long ago.

But i’ve left the security level an default, too. Only 2 changes for inbound-network settings had i realised for conections between my machines.

best regards from northeastern Germany

I will probably leave it be as well then.

Thanks again! (:WAV)