Avira anitvirus messed up COMODO Firewall Free


I had COMODO Firewall Free installed and was happy with it. Then I installed Avira Antivirus free which was suppose to be antivirus only and at no point did it say anything about firewall when downloading / installing. After installing turns out there is Firewall tab in options that doesn’t do anything other then saying: “The Windows Firewall is using optimal settings”.

My COMODO Firewall got messed up after the installation. Whenever I launch a new app now I get Windows Firewall pop-up to ask me to allow connection instead of COMODO pop-up. I tried uninstalling COMODO fully and installing again to force Win Firewal to get the f**k out but that didn’t help at all. My COMODO Firewall has no rules now other then default ones and never pops-up and doesn’t seam to be doing anything. HIPS works fine.

Can I somehow force COMODO Firewall to communicate to Windows Firewall and take over again?


It sounds like Avira is causing the problems here. I would say uninstall Avira, reboot and run its clean up tool.

Then install Comodo Firewall again and use Defender as AV solution. Unless somebody here knows more about Avira I suggest to seek support at their support forums.

In my opinion it’s not caused by Avira! Everything worked fine until the latest Comodo-update a few days ago. Since then there’s a problem with Comodo firewall and Windows firewall.

Is there a chance to fix this problem by Comodo within the next days?

Uuups, very old task. Maybe i can find a newer one…

Thanks for your fast reply, but i don’t understand your post and why you are linking to “Comodo blocks syncing PC time across LAN” :-[

As i wrote: everything worked fine, no problems between Comodo and Windows Firewall and no problem message from Avira before the Comodo update. The problem came with the Comodo update.
How can this be solved? The final solution for me would be to uninstall Comodo and use Windows Firewall again, but i hoe, ther will be another solution…

Apart from anything else, you need to turn off Windows Firewall for the local Account / Private Network


You can stop Avira monitoring Windows FW by going to Programs and Features, then right click to get the option to change Avira’s installation. Uncheck the firewall module and no more monitoring of Windows FW by Avira. I still haven’t figured out why Avira chose to monitor Windows FW.

But why this problem has occured only after the update of Comodo??
Does anybody understand my problem? I have Avira for a long time, then i installed Comodo Firewall and there was no message from Avira. Then Comodo asked for an update, i agreed and right after that update Avira shows this message. So in my opinion it’s a matter of Comodo and not of Avira.
Before updated (updated, not installed!!) Comodo, everything was working fine: Avira AND Comodo AND no Windows Firewall AND no error message from Avira.

I don’t know how Avira security center works but its Windows brother may sometimes mess up. Resetting the Windows Security Center usually fixes a problem with registration. Does Avira have a reset procedure that could fix a registration issue?

How does Avira security center work? Does anybody know?

To be honest I would not use such a function. Windows Security Center relies completely on what the security programs report about themselves If a security application notices that a component is disabled or its AV definitions are not up to date it will tell the user and tell Windows Security Center. WSC is nothing more than a dashboard; doesn’t add anything and fully relies on the self protection of the security programs installed.

It is beyound me why people value a superfluous instance like Windows Security Center.