Avira and Windows defender freezing when scanner gets to Cyberlink/powerdirector

Hi ,my pc blew up,so borrowed a laptop.Am used to XP,but laptop is Vista :frowning:
I have used Avira for years and had no probs.Tried it’s first scan today on laptop and it wouldn’t go past a program called Cyberlink \power director.
After it ‘froze’ nothing would work so had to turn laptop off.Tried this a few times,and the same prob kept occuring.Then discovered I also had Windows Defender,so tried that and the same thing happened. I spoke to someone (prob a mistake) that used to be a tech with PCworld…He told me that I didn’t really need the prog as it was only associated with the Cyberlink youcam,and that I could uninstall it…Which I did.I then tried scanning again,and got the same probs.The program was still in c:drive.So he told me to delete it and shut laptop down.When I tried to start it again,it wouldn’t!! But gave me the option of starting in repair mode,which I did.It then said it couldn’t solve the prob and sent a report…after which the latop turned off.When I turned it back on again,it worked fine…But still will not scan!!! Help!!! Thankyou…

May be having those two programs run at the same time is wreaking havoc here. Try disabling Windows Defender from running in the background. That can be done under Services (Control Panel → Administrative Tools; change the start type to manual and stop the service and test again

I would recommend completely disabling Windows Defender via msconfig/services. You don’t need both programs running anyway.

Hi,thanks for quick replies… I was only running Avira at first,and when that didn’t work,I discovered Defender and that was turned off,so turned it on and tried that. I think the prob is with Cyberlink itself.Whenever I try to use the youcam,the laptop freezes up.Trouble is,now I uninstalled the powerdirector for it,I’ve prob made it worse…So can I completely uninstall Cyberlink and reinstall it all again from scratch,'cos I’m sure there is a prob with the program…Does it come with Vista automatically or is it a separate disc??? I borrowed the laptop from my elderly mum and she says it came with no discs when she bought it from Comet…Is that right?Cos when you buy a pc with XP you get the disc…Also progs were already installed when she bought the LT…Am I making sense,lol

Also if I just try and scan Cyberlink files and not complete pc scan,it won’t scan the files…So even more convinced the cyberlink is knackered…

Manufacturers usually copy images of a Windows installation with installed software on a computer’s hard drive. That’s how you can end up with no CD’s.

Usually there is a copy of that image on a hidden partition on the computer’s hard drive.

So can I completely uninstall Cyberlink and reinstall it all again

Use revouninstaller to COMPLETELY remove it

You can find cyberlink here

Am I making sense,lol
Ya, it makes sense. Some manufactures don't provide the disc (they save 5-10cents by doing that) :-TD