avira 9 free version

i m somewhat confused with avira 9 free version which now includes antispyware. the confusion is that now there is no comparison chart of avira 9 free and premium in the avira official site. when googled the chart has antispyware/antiadware ticked in both free and premium. this simply means both have same antispyware capabilities. but if you have installed avira free 9 and click on upgrade the page that opens shows comparison chart. here it shows BASIC antispyware/antiadware in avira 9 free. so the confusion is avira 9 free has full or basic antispyware/antiadware capabilities?? what u guyz have to say on this??


This is something you need to take up with Avira, as it is their product and website.

I’m guessing the paid version gives you realtime protection while the free version doesn’t. Maybe the paid version has scheduled scan options as well… and maybe other things added.

The free version offers real-time protection.

The only drawbacks are that in checks for updates automatically only once a day (though you can update manually as much as you like) and the nagging advertisement screen everytime it updates :slight_smile:

You can automatically update at any interval you want by creating scheduled update tasks, and the nag screen can be prevented by adding the file into My Blocked Files in Defense+ :wink:

Hi naren

For comparison check this out:


Another way to block the “nag” screen is to go to ProgramFiles\Avira.…\Avnotify.exe
Right click–>Properties–>Security–>username or system,click “Edit”–>Tick Deny for “read and execute”

Worked on V8 not tried it on V9 yet,next time i boot into Win 7(where its running fine) ill give it a try


Yeah, that’s the other way of doing it. I only mentioned the way of doing it through CIS because it’s somewhat easier for the less techie user :wink: