Avira 8

Guess I spoke too soon about dumping Avira for Avast. See here.

With the new release, we will update all programs to version 8. Please note, that there are program modules which furthermore will have the version 7.x.

We will rename some products as follows

* Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic -> Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus
* Avira AntiVir PersonalEdition Premium -> Avira AntiVir Premium

Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus, Avira AntiVir Premium und Avira Premium Security Suite

* New graphical Userinterface
* New Avira AntiVir Engine
* New update functions - you can choose between product and detection updates
* Support Windows Vista ServicePack 1

Avira AntiVir Premium und Avira Premium Security Suite

* MailGuard now checks outgoing SMTP traffic
* MailGuard with Bot detection
* Download of the Rescue CD
* 2 new updateserver

Avira AntiVir Premium

* New modul: WebGuard

Avira Premium Security Suite

* New modul: Backup
* Firewall Templates for adapter rules

Matthias Beck
Avira GmbH

(:KWL) awwwwwww yeahhhhh (:KWL)

I am sooo down w/ this.

“Matthias” lol…[size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]Ich bin ein AntiVir!!![/size][/size][/size] Freakin’ Germans, we make the best stuff (except porn).

so, how do i update from Antivir PE classic to Antivir 8 Free ? using the updater only update the virus definition ???

hmm, i’m done downloading Avast 4.8,
should i change to avast (email scanner & spyware detection) or stick with antivir (better virus detection) 88)

using avast now (:TNG)

Avira is also among the cheapest ($20) but if I were not paying a cent I’d still prefer a virus scanner that finds the most actual viruses to one with auxiliary features found in other free apps anyways…but that’s just me 88)

For those who have Avira Premium or the Suite when version 8 comes out it be an auto update. You will not have to uninstall or reinstall. :BNC

Awesome, totally awesome.

…early April, yeah?

So the question remains…Avast 4.8 or Avira 8 ? I have just updated to 4.8 and have been totally happy with it but can anyone convince me to convert to Avira?

I tested Avira 7, i didn’t like problems with updates, nag screens, problems with umbrella in sys tray. Only in english.
No e-mail check, no msn check, no web shield in free version.
-checks: mail, msn, P2P(well, i don’t use P2P programs),web… It has got very good detection rate, and i do safe surfing with F and a lot of security extensions.
-no update problems.
-In my language.
-Very light in resorces.
-And now detects spyware too.

With CBOClean, ST(no HIPS) and, of course, CFP(with D+), i feel totally safe

Thanks Rafel for putting things into perspective…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is my motto so i’m sticking with Avast.

P.S i’ve just noticed that i’ve earned an extra star…i’m now a Comodo’s Hero!! :■■■■

I tried Avast 4.8 at the weekend,IMO :-TD

Reasons:Interface extremely confusing to work,it thinks its Nero!!

Difficult to actually know whats going on(it may be i`m just getting old, but i like a box which i can put a tick in)

Still i suppose if you get used to it,it is a fine AV by all accounnts, right up there with the best.

One thing i will say for Avira,its German and there normally pretty good at this type of thing(coming from a brit).

Anyway the Placebo AV gets 100% so that must be the best(only it misses 100%) think i`ll ask if i can use there engine and charge 20$ for it!!! (:TNG)


You can change Avast ! skins. There are some of them available in the vendors page. :slight_smile: They could make your operations in Avast a lot smoother :wink:

I am a loyal AntiVir user and will be the 1st to admit that it’s one of the uglier gui’s and the free addition can be slow(er than some) and, yes, there are the nag screens. But my sole concern with an anti-virus is detection and removal, period.
I now use Prem but Classic saved my hiney too many times to count…ok, like, seven.

Avira Free has a nag screen. I use Avira Premium which is cream of the crop. Well second best. :■■■■

Well, i’m telling about free version,not paid.
I use only free programs:
AVAST(install and forget), CBOClean, ST, CFP, CMF and Win Patrol free.
I prefer an average product more than the best detection rate but missing modules and slowing down my PC, and i hate nag screens(install and remember purchase pro version,hahaha).
I had only an infection and was with my first PC, i was a newbi.
But it’s my opinion.

I hear you. I tried the latest Avast and I find it heavier then Avira. To each his own. I still have a license for NOD32 also but I was getting problems with it.

It can be disabled with a HIPS.

I don’t care about the GUI, as long as the anti-virus is good. I wouldn’t choose some flashy anti-virus with a detection rate of 70% instead of one with a semi-ugly GUI and detection rates of 95-99%.

I don’t find it hard at all to navigate to the various areas of Avast!. You might not find everything at once if you’re new to Avast!, but you’ll learn it very fast. It’s the same with all softwares, you’ll have to learn how to use them.


I think most folks (if most are like me) get used to something, have a relatively positive experience with it, then decide that’s the best. The more I use it - the easier it gets, the easier it gets - the more I’ll proclaim my love for it. That’s why I’m still running Windows 3.0 on a Commodore 64.

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:slight_smile: so true. it’s like dvd player ,with play & stop button.

so, is avira-antivir 8 FREE available here? the last time i updated antivir before switching to avast, it’s still antivir7.

I read somewhere that it’ll be after the 4th (Apr).