Avira 12 woes

So Avira Antivirus 12 has just come out and it’s not good news for Comodo. I wanted to upgrade my installation of Avira 11 free (yes, only the AV and not the Suite) and got the following message:

Incompatible Applications detected. Please uninstall the following applications manually:
Comodo Antivirus
Comodo Firewall
Spybot Search & Destroy

That’s pretty harsh, Avira not being compatible with anything current!

You can normally continue installation by clicking “Next”…
It seems that everything outside of Avira world is “incompatible”… >:-D

There’s a general rule: never put two antiviruses together…you can have compatibility issues!
So…let me understand…did you run CIS and Antivir together until now?? ???

You have to uninstall Spybot? I thought that program worked just like Malwarebytes’ being an on-demand scanner and Avira is somehow incompatible with it?

You should not run two real time scanners at the same time. Only install comodo firewall and then adjust the settings from there if you want to continue using Avira.

Outpost antivirus is incompatible with comodo firewall (in words). And refuses to install.

Avira didint have a problem before. Will try the new version.

It says (translated):
Found programs which could be incompatible. …

On the bottom in the list with comodo and spybot:
These programs have to be uninstalled manually.

It doesnt mean, that they have to be uninstalled. Its just the list of programs which would not be uninstalled automatically but require manually de-installation in case of incompatibillity.

Maybe the bad decision to put everything in the new free version, while left the avira firewall ect unactivated, lead to this notification while installation. Theres a “buy button” now. So they notify in advance if someone could press this button and buys the suite version, i guess.
The antivirus part runs nice with comodo defense+ and firewall. And with spybot of course (its resident doesnt need to run with comodo defense+).

While in the case of outpost antivirus, you even can not install it at all when you have comodo firewall.

What the heck… another one! Why do so many products have a problem with CIS?

Because security software by its nature will tend to conflict with other security software.

avira wasnt/isnt one which has a problem with comodo. the antivirus works nice with comodo firewall and defense+, like allways.
only if you decide to get the features beyond of the antivirus, you should remember the warning.
comodo should also not be installed among another firewall, another host intrusion protection.

i guess, what we witness here (outpost ANTIVIRUS, avira suite, bitdefender 2012) is the fact, that step by step all security products tend to include “more than just an antivirus” in the general versions.
its good for the user in a way, like Melih said so often, but its bad for mixing these programs, as they all become more like mandatory standalones.

i liked it in the past, when an antivirus was an antivirus. and a firewall was a firewall. because you could mix the things related to their abillities.
now we see the bad side of the coin of saying “antivirus alone is a fraud”. we lose the choices.