I want to use Comodo v3 with AVG v8,my question is does AVG8 have real time protection? I’am asking about the free version. I’am using Kaspersky 09 trail right now and love it,but comodo doesn’t get any traffic alarts with Kaspersky antivirus 09 installed.

I don’t understand why these antivirus companys want to include these program controlls in there antivirus,making them outbound firewalls.Anyway since comodo and kaspersky 09 arn’t compatable,wondering if AVG8 offers realtime protection,along with ondemand?

AVG free is compatible with CFP.

But as far as I know is KAV that to 88). Perhaps you should ask vettetech or anyone else how to configure them :).


Thanks for the reply,but do you know if AVG8 offers realtime protection? I need something to protect while Iam surfing,and when I do weekly scans!

I moved the topic here since it obviously isn’t really about CFP 3.

Yes, AVG Anti-Virus 8 has realtime protection.



I have a paid version of AVG and found v8 a resource hog and I also had a problem with the scan which would have required a reinstall so I have returned to v7.5 while waiting for CAVS3.
It will work well with CPF3 but it does slow your computer down.

Originally it was :), but it seems that it has evoluted in a AVG talk :D.

btw : Avg on my pc wasn’t really recource hungry. But beware of the paid version, it uses a webshield which clashes with the firewall