Dear Readers.
The only annoyance i had with RC1 was that it seemed unable to remember that AVG. AV was installed on my computer.Every time i booted or re booted i used to get 7 or 8 defence notices pop up .
I still have the same annoyance on the final version.
I have looked everywhere on the forum for answer on how to correct the matter but without success
If anybody has any suggestions,i would be most grateful

Same things happens with AVAST antivirus, first time I saw this in beta 4, it was in RC 1 , and still remains in final. Apparently there is problem with short names conversion in path name of some applications at boot time. As I remember there was post from developers at beta forum that they know about problem and they are wonking on it, but final version is here and bug is still present. I don’t kow if it could affect security, but is sure annoying.

Everything runs very smoothly.
A great firewall,if you really can call it that.
I find the popup a bloody nuisance
Perhaps,as it is known something will get done soon especially as the number of people using Avast and AVG is considerable
Let’s hope

any word on this …
i get tons of customers with Avast! asking me if they can now go for Comodo Firewall V3 …

and i’m like ummm wait ‘bit’ (:SAD)

Comodo is bugfixing already. Can they wait a couple days?

Thanks that very reassuring.

I was having the same problem. As someone mentioned above, it appears to be related to the “short” path that AVG uses (non-8.3 filenames are converted to 8.3 with tildes (~)).

To fix it, I simply added each AVG executable as a Trusted Application using the full path by browsing for the files. This seems to have fixed the problem for me although time will tell.

CPU - 32Bit Intel Dual Core 2.4Ghz
Operating System - Windows XP
Actively-running security and utility applications - AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition, Comodo Firewall & BO Clean

Specific symptoms of the bug
In the Computer Security Policy screen of Defense+, files related to AVG Anti-Virus are recreated every time Defense+ interacts with the program. So, for example, instead of having 1 C:\Progra~1\AVG7\avgcc.exe entry, I have 10.

Specific steps you have taken to try to resolve it.
Setting the program entry to “Windows System Applicaiton” didn’t seem to help/

I did what you said also, but problem persists.

Yeah, there seems to be a problem with AVG using 8.3 filenames.
It will hopefully be fixed in the next release.


I forgot to mention that I also edited the registry for the AVG services to use the fully qualified path instead of the 8.3 filenames (with the tildes). I tried that first, but it didn’t seem to change what Comodo was picking up as the path to the files when the files were added automatically.

After that I added the files as “Trusted Applications” manually with the fully qualified (non-8.3) filenames. Perhaps it was the combination of the two?