AVG warning of virus in Comodo update file

My AVG warned that Comodo’s latest update file is infected with a virus.

Comodo file: evs.download.comodo.com/cs/download/updates/release/x32/scanners/heur.cav
Threat name: virus found win32/PEPatch

What’s going on here???

Are you certain its not a false positive by AVG? You could upload it for analaysis and see if any other scanner picks it up as malware.


It is a false positive. There are already several posts about this. AVG has responded that it will be corrected soon.

Comodo told me it was a false positive and that AVG would be fixing it. Well AVG didn’t fix it so it seems a classic case of buck passing. I resorted to turning AVG off whilst I updated CIS and now they seem to be coexisting happily.

Its not comodos fault that AVG has a FP…
Still glad you found a way to get them to work together. =)

I have it too (the virus I mean) .
Comodo asked to reboot the pc while on Ebay after an auto update.
After reboot 3x blue screens…
45 mins later I eventually managed to start safe mode and system restore…
Appeared to work then:
Then the Comodo systm tray icon had a red circular sign over it with a diagonal red line.
Trying to do a scan = interface not supported.
Trying to update = not enough system resorces.
Connection only worked in email but 3 browsers would not connect.
Try to uninstall Comodo = sccscongig.exe or, something like that, trys to change system config file.
I am now trying to install avg after eventually removing Comodo after 5 reboots after which things work for a short time…

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we tried Comodo system cleaner and it removed system files on 2 laptops…

Now installing AVG… Had much more than enough of this…

Hi Ted that was an awful experience.

I’ve had bluescreen too from time to time I hope the new 509 will not produce it. I’m still unsure what caused the periodic blue screen crashes. Hack is another possibility.

I wish COMODO takes Ted post seriously. At least give a response to Ted’s post.

Yes It wasn’t a good experience and it was not long after we had tried the Comodo system cleaner which removed system files from 2 of our Notebooks. -That took a couple of days work to put right.

I gained the impression, this time, that this was an attack on Comodo by a competitor and I expect rather a lot of people were effected.

As per Comodo taking notice of the post… I’m not holding my breath.
After no responce to several messages sent to Comodo (if it was an attack by a competitor it’s having the desired effect because) we are going to remove Comodo from our remaining systems and install AVG. . …

I would go with Avira or Avast before AVG, but the decision is yours.

Thanks. We’ll have a look at both…

Yes that’s a possibility.

I have no problem so far with the newest 509 version on Vista x64.

Yes it’s sad that COMODO don’t reply to BSOD reports making the impression that it was their CIS which is the culprit which probably is.

Anyway it’s a free product so it’s understandable.
If I were you I would choose Avira as my AV system and if you’ve given up on CIS then the free Outpost firewall might be the one for you. I would stay away from ZoneAlarm though. I read Outpost firewall is much better.

Thanks for that.

They haven’t replied to 3 seperate contacts so we’ve long since stopped holding our breath…

pls try again here…
let me get some attention to it…
sorry for the delay…

Not only that but, after uninstalling it, something untraceable is left so that you can’t reinstall and you have trouble installing anything else!!!

We still have one laptop that says it has comodo installed when you try to install av or firewall and there’s no trace of it!!!

Don’t do it !!! Don’t install comodo!!! Steer clear of it !!! You’ll receive virus’ in updates and if you decide to uninstall you’ll probably have to reformat!!!

They are pirates!!!

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“I am ted5 but that account can’t be used any more !

Wow! Didn’t expect that! Lol

Seriously. Steer clear or it’ll cost you a fortune and files will be lost!

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More nasties get through when running multiple AV’s/anit-malware suites, due to all the conflicts caused… is why Windows Defender should go off if using another app to do the job (Comodo or otherwise), same story with firewalls.

And PLEASE, get that hunk-of-junk AVG OFF your system. It has a reputation of giving more false positives than just about any other client (well, except maybe CA’s AV which recently stripped a bunch of core Windows files of many a Vista PC!!). Pick ONE client and use… you’ll be much better protected :slight_smile:

Ummm… No.

You seriously believe they are sending out viruses in updates?? 88)

And a reformat when you uninstall? ???

ZEN110. You can try Clean-up tool for Comodo Internet Security and https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v2/rebuild_repository_folder_to_recognize_comodo_resolved-t2479.0.html;msg19751#msg19751 .

What happens when you try to log in with the Ted5 account? I looked at it and it seems active to me with no error messages.

I assume you have little to no knowledge of computing. COMODO System Cleaner is a powerful tool which should be used with care and caution. Try searching on the forums before using a product to know more about it.

My advice would be before using COMODO System Cleaner to uncheck boxes with system files and so on prior to scanning to first get rid of the junk non-system related. Do not check any sensitive registry files / folders / paths.

As for your pick, again, you’ve been played a fool. AVG’s the worst pick of antivirus software on the market that thinks its own .dll is a virus. If you want a non-COMODO product which is a solid anti-virus software, I suggest you only Avira, nothing more.