AVG update connection failed

I just updated 3.5 firewall from 375.427 to latest update (810.432) and my AVG update will not work.
I am sure that I am connected to internet but updater on AVG says connection failed.
Is there any reason that the Comodo firewall is not letting this update check connect or is AVG having trouble with its update servers.
I am having the same problem with two different computers.(Both Win XP SP3)
I have checked first with the forum on AVGs’ site and nothing has been posted.

Disable Comodo Firewall and then try to update AVG. If that works, then, somehow Comodo is blocking it. Otherwise, AVG servers are having problems. And if I well remember, when I tested it, it gave me those alerts quite often.

Also, check CFPs/CISs Logs for any AVG related blocks. Blocks of this type are usually logged (unless the block was manually created).

Funny, I updated to the new version and now I can’t access my email account through the e-mail application. It is being blocked by Comodo Firewall. Odd.

Wonder why. There is no difference of what so ever from one setting to the other.

Edit: Bummer. In one of the alerts D+ gave me, I set it Web Browser, rather than Email Client!!! Doh!!