avg uninstallation problem

:frowning: Hi all, a friend of mine who knows absolutely nothing about pc’s bought a laptop with vista a few months ago and someone installed him avg 8 :-\ When i went to check out his laptop i noticed immediately it had spyware. Firstly I noticed a my web search in the system tray. I updated his avg then it said reboot, in the meantime i downloaded super anti spyware which discovered 1000 spyware files to do with my websearch in the memory, registry and the files, which I quarantined after. So much for avg but then again it was not updated. The avg kept saying the definitions were updated but they were not, in windows security centre it kept saying error state. I decided to uninstall avg but the uninstaller would not let me because of errors. Some web site suggested installing avg again then uninstalling it. Is this the best way or is there a better way. Does anyone know, also will it not update due to avg or the spyware, the sas scan says it’s clear but it still says fast klick in the top browser, so i know there is still spyware left. would it be a good idea to upgrade the IE to a newer version will this do the trick. Are there any other ways of cleaning my friends pc. Many thanks for any help… :slight_smile: I will be putting CIS on there instead!!! :slight_smile:

Hi mast157 :slight_smile:

Did you try AVG remover ??? ( choose the right 32 or 64 bit version )


For malware removal you could follow this procedure :


Greetz, Red.

Many thanks for your reply rednose this forum is brill :wink: