Is there some guys could help me? avg antivrus has just scanned my pc an find out 199 files like this in result overview/Warnings and not as infections to heal:




classified as “found adware RougeSuspect” or Found Hijacker.ShopNav or .
What should i do whith all this files?

Is a correct allert or Avg is reading" avast" or “spy boot search and destroy” also in my pc?

p.s. I have comodo firewall and Boc clean

Thank you.


If you have a problem with AVG post it in there forums. Upload the files here. Are you running 2 av’s?

You mean to tell me your running Comodo,BOClean,Avast,AVG and Spybot Search and Destroy all in real time? Are you crazy.

I’m not so crazy! ehm… When avg run all the other programs were shut down.And with avg 7.5 i never had a problem.

Either way. All you need is ONE anti virus and One Firewall. I scan once a week with SAS on demand. I use Avira Premium and Comodo. Did you upload those files?

i sent the files to Avg but the reply is: safe and no safe at the sametime. I don’t know what to do. I have just my pc scanned by comodo on line and nothing was coming out. And the file HKLM find out by AVG i can’t find were they are located in my pc. Anyway Avira is better then avast and Avg? And if you should coice between avast and avg? I understand “if you pay you got” but i thing that sometims free is better.
thanks again for help me…

I personally think Avira AntiVir PE (free) is a better product than Avast (free) or AVG (free). Avast and AVG are ok for most but Antivir is very good, free or paid.


if you pay attention there are give aways for Avira. I have Avira Premium free for 6 months and after that I will buy it. Avast is better then AVG cause Avast has a web shield. If you use Avira free you get an update nag screen. I didn’t ask you to upload the files to AVG. I sent you a link. Sounds like a false positive to me. DrWeb Curit is a great free on demand scanner also.

thanks a lot! i thought to restore the files from the voult (You are right it sounds like a false positive to me too) unistall avg from my pc and i’m connecting to DrWeb Curit as you’re suggesting me (is this the link?)
I’ll sand you the scunner riuslts. see you later

just scanned with drweb cure it. virus didn’t find. is sure as you thought. you are right they are false positive.
and now i’m going to study avira. hallo and again thanks.

Good choice. :slight_smile:


I think I read somewhere in these forums that the new AVG has a ridiculous amount of FP’s.

don’t have a link though.

After trying AVG free 7.5, and seeing reviews for 8, I’m pretty much done with AVG. It’s decent, don’t get me wrong, but it’s surely not something I would rely on.

I think Avira & Avast! are the alternatives :slight_smile: