Does The firewall work with AVG virus software now

Yes. This was fixed with the update to version

I just installed Comodo today.
AVG is playing up.
It scans and scan and scans.
I had to switch off Comodo (“Allow All”)
Actually that is a pain, as you have to turn it on again, and I think it then needs to be re-told about which pgms to allow.
A better solution is to use AVG Control center, to disable the email scanning plugin.
Shouldn’t be a big danger, as long as we don’t blindly open attachemnets.
And none of us do that, do we.

Rob C

Even with email scanner off, AVG resident scanner should detect a virus when the email is written to disk. Email scanners just detect before it’s written.


Hi Guys,

CPF and “AVG Personal Email Scanner”(only) have some compatibility problems. The other email scanner plugins of AVG like Outlook, Eudora seem working.

We are trying to find the exact cause of this issue. CPF does not block anything so we need to work with Grisoft to fix the issue.

Until we fix the issue, the only solution to this problem is to set CPF temporarily to “Allow All” mode while receiving the email or using other email clients (e.g. “Outlook” instead of “Outlook Express”).

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The problem is that some email apps don’t store attachments and messages as separate file system objects. They write them to an internal database. The attachments only become a discrete file system object when they are saved or executed.

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Ok Ewen,

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New user here!

Installed and registered. I’m also having problems with my AVG7 email scanner and CPF. It doesn’t work with a Custom Security level. ‘Allow All’ does make it work as I read here.

Any chance there will be a quick fix for this? The circumvention is not to bad as these things go unless I forget to turn security back on.


Hi streetwolf,

Comodo are looking into this and they’re pretty quick with updates and fixes, so hopefully if they can fix it, the update won’t be long.


I also just noticed that after rebooting my machine, the AVG7 email scanner shows up as inactive. I have to activate it in order to get it going.

Is this part of the email scanner problem or do I have another issue?

I also noticed that a program of mine that starts up at boot time takes a lot longer to start then it did before I installed CPF. It doesn’t do any network stuff at all. It is called ATI Tray Tools (ATT) and is used to configure and control my ATI video card.

It’s possible that the problem with the AVG email scanner at boot time is causing the delay in loading ATT.

So far things look a little bleak for CPF. I gave up Sunbelt Kerio PF for CPF. Might have to go back if things don’t get fixed pretty quick. The ATT loading thing has me worried.

I had the option to secure the host while booting checked off when I was having this problem. I then unchecked and rebooted a couple of times to see what would happen. AVG did not disable the email scanner and my ATT program ran fine.

I’ll try a few more reboots to see if the problem was caused by that option. Wonder if this could be a bug of some sort.

I just downloaded the latest version of CPF and was having the same problem accessing my email (eudora) when using AVG. I am also using a program called mailwasher. Nothing I tried seemed to work. Here’s what I finally did and it seems to temporarily correct the problem. Under Application monitor, I right clicked on the three applications that pertain to the problem (AVG, Eudora and mailwasher) and under edit I made sure that “skip parent” and “allow all activities for this application” are both checked.


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The next update (sometime next week) I believe will correct issues with AVG. As egemen stated elsewhere on the forums the problem lies in how CPF checks the application for behaviour etc. This cases a brief delay in which AVG doesn’t like.

CPF will add an option with the next update which can be selected to fix this.


To add to my above post I’ve found the quote from egemen as to the problem:

The root cause is AVG email scanner does not expect to be suspended for a specified time for the advanced security analysis and thinks it fails.

We have added an option called “skip advanced security checks”, which tells CPF not to apply its advanced security checks on an application having this option enabled.

I am not sure but i believe this problem is about AVG’s email scanner implementation because CPF does not block anything. It just suspends the requests temporarily for analysis, as it does for every other single request from other applications.


Temporarily you can set CPF to allow all or turn off the AVG email scanner until the update.


Hi, I’m eagerly for the update. Do you know (even not precisely) when it will be released?

Hi and welcome,

The update was released a few weeks ago. The latest version of CPF is


Hi, I already have it installed but the problem seems to persist (I can only avoid it by setting “allow all”, as suggested in this topic). I have the latest build of AVG7.1.
What do you think could be this problem?
Many thanks :slight_smile:

Have you opened CPF>>gone to ‘security’ tab>>‘application monitor’>>then for the AVG entries click them>>then right click and choose ‘edit’>>go to ‘miscellaneous’ tab>>for each AVG entry select ‘skip advanced security checks’>>click OK>>then see if this works.

Hope this helps,

N.B. You should only need to do this for the AVGEMC entry - this is the AVG email checking component, but I don’t suppose it would hurt to do it for all of them. :wink:

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Thanks guys, that fixed everything!! ;D


Glad we could help. Any other queries- just ask away.

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