AVG not updating

Basically Ive got avg to update automatically but when it tries to update a warning comes up in the bottom corner which says there was a problem in trying to update but to click on this link to update, anyone offer any help,

would the fact i havent given avg permission to do it in comodo a reason why avg wont update,

The AVG update component needs to be given permission to accessthe internet. It should be allowed.

how do i allow it, is it when comodo asks me if i want to allow avg and i click on allow

Open AVG GUI. Press update now. The firewall should give an alert stating ‘avgupd.exe’ is trying to connect internet. Press allow and tick remember. After pressing update now, if this alert is not showing, then you may have accidently given an instruction to block it. Open the permission window, just remove the rule and it should give the alert.

ive just tried that and avg updated successfully, comodo didnt block it,

The free avg update service is not working very well… I experienced the same issue… the servers are often overloaded and sometimes updating does not work… just wait and it will work…

ok thanks

you are welcome.

So we can close this thread ?


I think you can, but the last word is of course to the creator of this topic… (:WIN)

I think i found or uncovered the problem, I had avg setup to scan at a certain time and this was conflicting with the time avg tried to update, ill monitor it to be sure

Well if you think this is causing the problem… try to set the update interval different from the scanning time and see if the problem still persists …

Well ive changed the time it does its scan, how do i change the time it updates, is that in avg itself

I am not really sure how it goes in the free version again… It is a while since I used it… I am now using NOD32, BUT this does not mean I do not find AVG bad! on the contrary I find AVG very good!

well, I think you can go to advanced settings in the menu, or just click on update and somewhere you can click on extra options or something like that there you see on what times it can check for updates…

BUT, if you have changed the scanning times, does this not mean you now already have different scanning and update times ??? (:WIN)

Im not sure, if i go into the option to edit scan schedule it only mentions about scanning but not auto update, had a further look and ive found the options to change the options for when avg checks for updates, thanks for your help triple x.