AVG: Keep it or Discard it?

Hey, guys. I’ve been troubled by this since my classmates are mostly using AVG Free or Pro. More often than not, it quarantined some of my files each time I plug my USB in their laptops like USB Defender saying it’s malicious. If they quarantined it, after restoring my files, they wouldn’t work the way they should. Now I’m pretty much reluctant to plug my USB in them. They won’t change their av because their too scared to switch products. (Don’t ask why, they won’t say. 88) )

I had once been an AVG user but that was version 6. I stopped since then. Care to vote and tell me what’s your take on it? (Options have been a wee bit exaggerated to add some comedic value to them ;D)

Personally, I’d go with Avast.

I’ve used AVG almost 10 years ago. Poor support. No localization. Limited configurability.
They lost a client to avast :slight_smile:

I plug my USB in their laptops like USB Defender saying it's malicious.
How about a permanent solution :-TU http://download.cnet.com/Panda-USB-Vaccine/3000-2239_4-10909938.html This explains why I recommend it, hand down
. Once executed the user can choose two types of vaccinations: Computer Vaccination or USB Drive Vaccination. USB Vaccine allows users to vaccinate their PCs in order to disable autorun completely so that no program from any USB/CD/DVD drive (regardless of whether they have been previously vaccinated or not) can auto-execute. This is a really helpful feature as there is no user friendly and easy way of completely disabling autorun on a Windows PC. Panda USB Vaccine can be used on individual USB drives to disable its autorun.inf file in order to prevent malware infections from spreading automatically.
I have all my usb memory sticks vaccinated :). <---Part of the reason is I don't trust other people's computers.
They won't change their av because their too scared to switch products. (Don't ask why, they won't say. Roll Eyes )
It's probably because their used to it. Quite a bit of AVG users stopped useing it when version 8 came out.
tell me what's your take on it?
Besides recommending Comodo AV, I'd also recommend avast. I'd also recommend Avira (Which I think is better then the other 2 IMO), if you don't mind the occassional pop-up. <--Regardless of witch one you choose, be sure to tweak the settings. If you like to know how to disable to occaional pop-up from avira. PM me

(Just an idea below)
You should install Emsisoft anti-malware on your friends computer, Run it and quarantine whatever it finds. Delete whatever you think isn’t a False Positive ← This WILL take awhile. Then Uninstall Emsisoft when done. :slight_smile:

Also Chiron has a good article to read on stuff like this if your bored (The article is long, but good BTW)

Other cleaning: Let your USB drive plugged and run Autorun Eater or Flash Disinfector, allowing them to clean up all drives. They would create hidden folders named autorun.inf in each partition and every USB drive plugged in when you ran it. These folders protect your drives from future infection. After that, reboot your computer.

I’m quit using AVG since version 7.1 because I scared the virus detection windows. >:(

So in latest version I still unsatisfied with false positives and virus reporting.

Discard it and go for CIS! if u don’t want that go for avast!(together with immunet) and comodo’s firewall!

AVG v9 created a (hidden file) usnjournal which I understand to be a form of cache to help speed things up, some other programs create this also but not on my system. I also notice maybe due to this’ my system process not system idle process is using about 100mb of memory with avg installed and about 200kb when not. I have very limited ram so I ditched AVG from version 9, probably ok if ram is plentiful. In v9 the avg processes are using less but over all it appears to be using more ram than previous versions. These are just my thoughts and opinion. Kind regards

CIS is so much better than AVG! I hope AVG improves one day but till then use something else.

+1 , but AVG isn’t very bad.