AVG is advertising itself as an alternative to Comodo firewall :-)

I was doing a search on “comodo firewall” on www.alltheweb.com (cool search engine) and I came accross this advert from AVG (attached) :slight_smile:

AVG is advertising their partner firewall as an alternative to Comodo at a mere $14.95! :slight_smile:

I just wanted to share this with you :slight_smile:


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Hi Melih,

lets compare ;D

AVG+Kerio=doesn’t pass all leaktests, didn’t always stealth my PC properly, have to pay (to use with AVG), I got a virus after switching to it, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Comodo = does pass all leaktests, never had a problem with stealth or anything else, free, never been infected, offers the best protection available (IMO), etc. 8) :wink:

Conclusion = Comodo’s not really the best to compare to unless you want to loose customers. Not the best marketing for them, but good for you, lol.

(V) (S)

Fortunetly, it’s just an authorized distributor ;D! Avg’s home page: http://www.grisoft.com

;D ;D ;D

Great joke…

Have to say, AVG marketing crew must have been tipping the bottle on that one, a good free firewall replaced by one that doesn’t do it’s job for 15 bucks? lolll. What’s next , AVG anti virus and firewall , 15.00 for both or for the low price of 7.50 each when you buy 2? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sorry but when I saw that I couldn’t help but laugh…

i don’t think people who use free comodo products will change it to products such as AVG to SAVE MORE MONEY . i don’t think at least me change my beautiful comodo security group for some ugly windows 3.1 style antivirus with poor detection and hard to understand firewall like kerio . i don’t think there’s people think in that way :-\


I agree, the Comodo interface is very attractive to the eye.


Is it me or do you like Kubuntu :slight_smile:


I like it, but I would like it even more if I could figure out how to install Nepenthes on it…

This and the “…email scanner is more important to have than a firewall…”
scratch head
Are this guys seriously exist?

An alternative to Comodo only 14.95. The new slogan,

If you are tired of paying absolutely NOTHING for a FULL good working attractive to the eye firewall, try our ugly version for only 14.95! :stuck_out_tongue:

The more I see this, the more I can’t believe it. I know it’s old news now but seriously.


Is Grisoft asking us to pay them 15 bucks to waste more money, and lose important/work data/files thats almost as important as your work/life??? Maybe I will buy it…