AVG: Installer Fail: Windows 7

when i attempt to install AVG 8.5 on my computer it cant write to the registry…but when i run AVG 7.5 it installs fine. (Anything lower than 7.5 crashed my computer) why does this happen? i followed what it said to do under the support section on the AVG website…

shouldn’t this be asked with their support? It is Win7, maybe they haven’t resolved all issues with it yet?
Their site does not show support for Win7 as of yet.
Have you tried installing (and maybe running) it under Vista Compatibility mode?

yea…(btw i got COMODO to work on Win7)

That alone will give you peace of mind concerning security.
I have no other suggestions concerning AVG and Win7. Sorry.
Maybe one of the other members on here has had some success with it?

Not tried it so cant be sure but one thing you could try is when you run the compatibilty mode thingy check the boxes for this program ran on an earlier version and give this application extra privelages(or summat like that) Anyway i think its the top box and the third one down…Worth a shot :-\