AVG goes all-in with Windows 8

AVG updates its free and paid security suites with a new interface, free tech support, a much faster installation, and a new, faster way to scan your hard drive for threats.

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Yeah? Just wait until they test CIS 6.0.
It’ll ■■■■ them away.

;D YEAH, Release the Beast, it needs to feed on malware…Languy99 are you listening, hope you dont have to wait much longer, so we mere mortals can see one of your excellent you tube videos, because Melih has got us all drooling at the thought of what Cis 6 can do to the opposition!. ;D

I hope so :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha LOL! ;D :-TU

Whatever, if users still use Windows XP. 88)

You don’t need to give FanBoy a new meaning.

:smiley: Do i care if some one calls me a a fanboy…not a jot do i care…nothing wrong with shouting how much you like a company and its products from the rooftops… (CLY) (CLY) (CLY)