AVG Free Edition 8.0.100 Released!


AVG Antivirus 8.0 Free is now available.


It has integrated antispyware now. Most likely because Avast! incorporated AS capabilities in their free av.

The link you posted was incorrect as it went to the “Trial Pay” page instead of the standard Free Download.

Be careful with this trial pay stuff, I’m sure it works ok for some but I ended up signing up to a site only to find that I was stuck in a contract to purchase a minimum of 6 bundles of books costing over £100.

The right one is this: http://free.grisoft.com/ww.download-avg-anti-virus-free-edition#tba2

I’ll give it a go though. Avast is doing my head in at the moment, practically freezing my computer everytime it updates and I’m anxiously awaiting CAVS3 to comeout.

I’ll probably run BoClean along side it for some rootkit protection.


Thanks m8 :wink:


The free version is very limited - it seems less than Avast and, in my experience, is slower and heavier.

Please, what is the difference? When click “continue” button in Eric’s link, then it goes to Josh’s link.

Do I see wrong?


Josh’s Link goes to the download page but with Trial Pay notices on it so it looked like it was teh Trial Pay for the Paid Version.


No web shield. If you want free stick with Avast. I will keep my Avira Premium. :BNC

I tried AVG 8 Free…

It’s a lot slower than 7.5, took forever to load on my xp sp2 512mb intel centrino 1.6ghz.

Oh and the uninstall, what a nightmare! Took at least 20 minutes for it to check the status of each of it’s files and at least 10 to delete the files.

I’ve gone back to Avast! !

Sorry, just did not work for me.


I am not having issues with it on my 1.5GB Vista machine.

But I did test it on an old 512MB machine (XP), It was very slow…

So this isn’t the best for Slow computers, Avast! Seems the preferred, Or Avira.


AVG 8 has hardcore FP’s! It scanned my reg and found over 500 things, spyware doctor and spysweeper found nothing. I notified grisoft, so hopefully all goes well…

Look what you wrote. TYPO…lol. Avast 8 has false positives so you contacted Grisoft. I think you meant AVG 8 has false positves. (:WIN)

Haha. Thanks I corrected it. Still thats redic how many fp’s there were. Avast! is still my fav free antimalware solution.

Just a query has the free edition AVG Antivirus on Vista install a Firewall Driver (On Demand) if you look in Device Manager (Hidden devices)

Sorry Dennis,

I got XP back on my PC. & Now using Avira Premium


Oh well.

Listen to me, young people.

Wise ol’ grandfath’r ain’t a’tellin’ ya shit.

  1. AVG Antispyware (7.5), oh so beloved by many, formerly known as EWIDO ANTISPYWARE 4.5, has now been DISCONTINUED. That is why? Well… Because it was too good. Because it was developed by highly engaged Bavarian (German) programmers with eye rings every night. That was THEN, THIS is now. One year ago, AVG bought up the poor, rather rural development department of EWIDO, and made AVG ANTISPYWARE out of EWIDO ANTISPYWARE. The had bought it, because it was great. Sad to say so, but it became worse with every day under czech AVG’s rulership.
    Your decision to buy AVG Antivirus or the whole Suite (Version: 8) is, of course, on your side, but don’t expect too much. They’ve killed another great independent security company, remember what happened to Sygate by Norton / Symantec?
    I beg of you: don’t support a company that is following such strategies!



I have to disagree. I think Ewido antimalware was a poor solution. It only detected cookies, and reported the same cookie 500 times.

Well it found only cookies because your system was clean? Or do you prefer it finds false positives on your system?

Of course its impossible for a system to be clean. I expect it to pickup something other then tracking cookies, the entire time I used it.

It’s impossible for a system to be clean??? You mean you routinely get infected ? Hmm are you a noob?. Most people i know get infected once a decade or never at all…