AVG Free anti-virus problem resurfaces

I know there were once conflicts between the Comodo firewall and AVG Free anti-virus over email checking, but configuring the firewall to allow all activities by avgemc.exe and skipping advanced security checks for avgemc fixed the problem for me months ago. In the last couple of days, however, an update to AVG (or some other system change) has Comodo and AVG fighting again. Has anyone else experienced this?

I’m using Comodo firewall vers and AVG Free edition 7.5.432. I set Comodo to allow all activities for all AVG applications and to skip advanced security checks on them. I disabled AVG virus outgoing mail check. When gathering email, however, (I use Thunderbird client) AVG gets hung up, and sometimes produces a string of messages that it is trying to connect to the server over and over endlessly. The only way to get email from my POP server is to open the Comodo firewall to “Allow All.”

Any ideas, advice, similar experiences?

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Does the log show any blocks?

Try to set it (at least temporarily) to the highest setting on the alert frequency level slider.
Uncheck the “do not show alerts for apps certified by Comodo”
Both in security/advanced/misc.
Also set component monitor to “on”.

Now, allow all popups for your AV if you get any.