AVG email scanner

The new features of the latest beta state:

Improved! Performance of the firewall is much faster than before(This improvement solved AVG email scanner issue as well)

I still have to skip the advanced security checks in order to get this to work. Should I have to do this or did your ‘fix’ preclude me from having to do this?

Also, just bypassing the security check on the AVG modules is not good enough to get it to work. I have to bypass the security check, then Allow All in CPF, then fire up my email program. After this I can then set it to Custom mode and all is well again.


You dont have to skip checks in Beta. But make sure your component monitor is in learning mode or OFF while using AVG email scanner. AVG email scanner does not want to be checked while scanning emails. And if component monitor is “ON”, it will be forced.


Finally got the AVG email scanner to work without having to skip the advanced security checks.

However it wasn’t just a matter of unchecking this option and getting my mail. I still hung on retrieving so I deleted all references to AVG in the application and component manager and then rebooted.

If the ‘end justifies the means’ then it works.

It seems that the ‘fix’ for the AVG email scanner problem is not completely fixed on my system.

It will work for a while but then my email client will ‘hang’ getting my mail. The only way to get it is to either to Allow All or Skip the advanced Security Checks as in the last beta. Also a reboot of my system will get things going again.

So for now I have to skip the security check for the AVG email scanner module to get 100% reliability.


Actually, we did not fix anything in our drivers because there was nothing wrong with them. We just speeded up some internal calculations for performance. What I could see is AVG TDI driver fails when an IRP is suspended. This is not something you could omit handling.

And it is not only CPF. ZA, Norton, Outpost etc. all have some sort of problems with AVG email scanner according to forums.

So in CPF, you will have to skip advanced checks, to make CPF operate on AVGMC.exe like all other lightweight firewalls. And this is the only reliable fix for now.


OK, no problem.