AVG email scanner still fails after upgrade


Just upgraded CPF and find that I still have to disable the firewall to allow the AVG email scanner to scan incoming mail. CPU and memory utilisation are markedly improved and system startup is noticeably better. But … I start my system once a day, I check my emails 20 times a day.

System spec is as follows;

CPU : Pentium IV 3.2
RAM : 1 GB
O/S : Windows XP Pro SP1a
NET : ADSL via Zyxel 2602 WHL router
NIC : Intel 21143
AVG : 7.1.385
EMAIL : Thunderbird 1.0.6

Is this issue peculiar to AVG?

Ewen :frowning:

This my be your problem. They are saying that CPF needs Windows XP (SP2) to work. At least that is what is shown on their homepage. :wink:
Good luck.


CPF works on all Windows versions from Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2003. For AVG issue, we have tested CPF with it and they can work together. Can you try to disable Advanced->Basic popup logic checkbox and retry to see if it works?

You can also try to disable the following items one by one to see what subsystem blocks AVG in your PC:

1- Component Monitor,
2- Application Behavior Analysis,


Ok, I’ll try those suggestions when I get home.

Thanks in advance,
Ewen :frowning:

My AVG email scanner won’t work in Thunderbird even after trying the three suggestions, additively:

  1. disable basic popup logic, reboot, no joy
  2. disable component monitor, reboot, no joy
  3. disable application behavior analysis, reboot, no joy

Any other ideas?

Configuration: PIII, 512MB, WinXProSP2, Thunderbird, AVG 7.1.385

Incidentally, Yahoo Desktop Search won’t run after the CPF update, either. sigh


Advanced->Basic popup logic checkbox deselected - reboot - no change
Component Monitor - deselected - reboot - no change
Application Behavior Analysis - deselected - reboot - no change

Removed AVG and installed Comodo Antivirus and enabled email scanning - reboot - email OK.

Obviously the problem is with the AVG component qand not with POP scanning.

ewen :slight_smile:

I have also removed AVG and installed comodo av and it does seem to be working although system performance takes a dramatic hit viz a viz AVG.

I do not join the conclusion that the pop scanner “problem” is in AVG and not CPF, however. Although that might be true I hope hope comodo will continue to look into it as something they might be able to fix on their end.

I understand that comodo av is new, and I hope its drag on my system will improve, also. I like the firewall and hope to like the av product as well. Speaking as one who relies on free and open source software, it is hard to be too picky.



Please be rest assured, in a true Comodo fashion we will improve CAV and make sure its the best possible in the market place…

Hey Jim,

I didn’t mean that the problem was in AVGs email scanning component. I meant that the problem is in how CPF is trying to handle AVGs email scanning. AVGs email scanner is very, very good and I’ve never had a problem with it until I installed CPF.

I don’t doubt that Comodos developer team will nut it out eventually.

Ewen :slight_smile:

For everyone that have email problems and probably connects with a router try the settings explained on this post

Hope that this can help :slight_smile:

:frowning: Well, this is it for me… Version 1 worked great , ever since version 2 came out I had only problems with AVG checking my mails.

I’ll be checking back every now & then but I’ve removed CPF (alas!) for now, as I prefer to keep AVG running on my system.

Hopefully the people of Comodo eventually will tackle this issue. I still think CPF is a good product.

Sylvan Yeti.

I was using CPF; but with the AVG email-scanner issue ???. I just remove for good CPF, probably when the product become more efficient I will tell my friends about it, and i’m going to try again… For now "GOOD JOB GUYS ", and keep solving the bugs you find en you program.