AVG email scanner not active

Just installed Comodo firewall and I’m getting a message from AVG antivirus that my email scanner is inactive. I’ve ok’d all AVG programs. What else can I do?

What do you see in

CIS>Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy for AVG???

I have just installed Comodo Antivirus and Firewall. I pereviously was using AVG 8.5, and still have it active on my laptop. I notice that the email scanner is no longer working - I now do not get the AVG message saying that incoming email is scanned. I know comodo does not have an email scanner and I while I like what Comodo has to offer I would still like to have the email scanner working via AVG. Any idea if the comodo installation would have disabled AVG email scanner and if so what I can do about it? thanks

Hello, Can you both please post your firewall\defense+ logs?

Comodo → Firewall → Events
Comodo → Defense+ → Events

there is no need for an e-mail scanner, the second you get an e-mail and it is loaded on your computer even in temp files comodo scans it.