AVG Bug kills 64 bit computers

This was about a week back, but it is still interesting: AVG Bug kills 64 bit computers

Here’s the AVG forum link: AVG Support Community | User Forum for All AVG products

Interesting. Yet another reason to use comodo and not AVG. ;D

lol agreed! ;D

The only two scanner that I have always stick to are Avast’s and comdo’s. I have tried avg but only slowed down the system, PCtools AV is a catastrophe; the scans take forever and during the scanning your computer may freeze, MSE (it’s light but doesn’t protect enough)


The usual fanboyism should however have some more ponderation: the CIS 64 bits user (of which i am not) have abundantly reported, here speaking not of AV but of HIPS, a behavior that could be called, and using the fanboy terminology, rather “rock stupid” then “rock solid”.

Comodo isn’t immune to such a thing.

I think there are some newer users here that do not remember when a database update (actually more than one) caused users machines to lock up on boot.

And the very recent (yet not as catastrophic) wipe of the trusted vendors list.

It happens folks… 88)