AVG Automatic Update [Resolved]

I’m a new Comodo user, recently switching from ZA Free. I apologize if this has been asked before but a search here didn’t seem to turn up anything:

I also use AVG antivirus (free version). Since installing Comodo, AVG will not automatically update. I can manually update it just fine, with no alerts from Comodo. How can I fix this? Thanks.

I am an absolute nonexpert here. But I noticed in the ** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First ** section above, there is an issue with the AVG e-mail scanner. In the middle of that thread, artkaye refers to adding avginet.exe to the Application Monitor in CPF.

Referring to the e-mail scanner he says “From instructions there, I went to Application Monitor in CPF and added AVG Update downloader (avginet.exe). The problem was solved and the scanner became functional.”

That might also be your fix so CPF allows the downloader to function properly.

Just a thought

Thanks for the suggestion. But I’ve already confirmed avginet.exe is listed in the Applications Monitor, and my e-mail scanner has never stopped working.


Here’s a couple things to do, that should help track down the issue…

Go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous. Move the Alert Frequency slider to High or Very High. Uncheck the box for “Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo.” This will increase the popups you are getting from CPF (you can change it back later), and should show some pertinent info, such as application, IP address, etc.

Reboot, just to make sure that CPF clears its memory and the new settings update. Then see what happens with your AVG update. It may be that AVG uses a different Parent application (or even a different executable) when updating manually versus automatically. Your new popups should let you know more about what’s going on.

You can also run the the Application Wizard - Security/Tasks/Scan for Known Applications; follow the prompt, then reboot. That may add another rule for AVG that was not previously there, and resolve the problem.

So that’s a couple things to check/try. Please post back your results (hopefully you will have great joy).


Little Mac is correct: avginet.exe uses different parents when auto-updating and manually updating. Partly to deal withn this, I have set “Skip the parent” for that one application. The only timne I have any problems now is when the update modifies either avginet.exe itself or one of the several dll files that it needs; this causes some problems if I am not present to deal with it.

Thanks for the info. I’ll try that when I get home.

Keep us updated…

Thanks, pudelein. Your suggestion worked.

Great! (:CLP) I’ll mark this thread resolved for other users’ benefit.