AVG and TuneUp

Well, the last comment came as a surprise:


If it’s true, I wonder if AVG realizes that destroying a once good company will not help their reputation at all. It’s bad enough their products are annoying as they are, they have to go and just piggyback off TU to annoy more people. Wonderful. I’m baffled by their rationale.

Indeed. Their products are not just annoying they don’t protect you or do what they say. I will try everything under the sun before I go back to AVG.

AVG had it right with AVG PC Tuneup 2011 which was a clone of Auslogics BoostSpeed which in my opinion is by far the best system maintenance software.

just an opinion :azn:

Really? I agree. I love Auslogics.

Hm. Well, I suppose it had some credit, though the unnecessary “add-ons” were painfully annoying like the toolbar which installs anyway even if you opted out, and uninstalling it still left traces.