Hello, thanks for your welcome.
I have the Avast Version 4.7-827 in mail of Internet says I modulate this waiting for the beginning to me of the subsystem, as I can form CPF to be able to review the mail, thanks in advance.

Hola, gracias por vuestra bienvenida .
Tengo el Avast Versión 4.7-827 en correo de internet me dice El modulo esta esperando el inicio del subsistema, como puedo configurar CPF para poder revisar el correo, gracias por anticipado.

The Internet Mail Provider is an avast! resident provider and it is not just the corresponding service. If you have Internet Mail running and stop the “avast! Mail Scanner” service, you disable the scanning of e-mails, but you don’t turn the provider into “stopped” state (rather “waiting for a subsystem to start”). Similarly, if Internet Mail is stopped, you cannot start it just by starting the “avast! Mail Scanner” service.

Are you sure you’re not talking about the Outlook plugin of avast?
If so, just start MS Outlook and the system (plugin) will be started.