Avast with autosandbox like Comodo

Here :


I think it’s more like sandboxie, comodo sandbox is more like limited user account with more flexibility…? ???

Let’s wait and see.

I also read Avast forum and there has been said that Avast Sandbox will offer “basic functionality” for free version while paid versions will have “full protection”.

That is ethically wrong.
It should provide full protection for the free version.
This implies the free version is weaker.
I would sooner software companies didnt bother with limited free versions. >:-D

I think that the only difference will be that the free version of the sandbox could not be used on-demand.

Now, with Avast 6.0 (which is coming sooner than you may think), it's a different story. Avast 6.0 will feature the in-the-cloud heuristics based on the age/prevalence data (as suggested above by sded) as well as new stuff related to the use of our sandbox. But, instead of using the "default deny" paradigm that Comodo is trying to advertise so much, avast will work differently. It will rely on its heuristics engine to make decisions whether an executable file should run sandboxed or not. Let me explain this in a bit more detail. Currently, the outcome of the scan is pretty much binary - either the file is called "clean" (and is allowed to run), or it is flagged as "infected" (and appropriate actions are applied - and the file isn't allowed to run). This also applies to heuristics detections. Now in avast 6.0, the outcome could also be "potentially infected, use extreme caution" and this case, when talking about an on-exec scan, will (by default) be handled by sending the file into the sandbox. If the program is legitimate, it has a good chance of running OK inside the sandbox (and of course you, as a user, can always override the decision and run it normally). And if it's really malware, avast has just saved your ■■■■.

There are many other minor things that make up these changes (such as further emphasis on the Behavior Shield when making these heuristics decisions, i.e. taking into account full context info) but this is, at a glance, how it’s going to work. What may be of special interest, also, is that this is how it’s going to work even in the free version (which means that the core functionality of the sandbox will likely be moved to the free AV).


Features comparison for the future?

avast! 6 Free Antivirus: File Shield, P2P Shield, IM Shield, Mail Shield, Web Shield, Network Shield, Behavioral Shield (fully functional then) and avast! sandbox (with AutoSandboxing)

avast! 6 Pro Antivirus: Free Antivirus + Script Shield + faster updates + premium support + no ads

avast! 6 Internet Security: Pro Antivirus + Silent Firewall + Antispam

So basically Pro Antivirus will be the one for people who just want to support avast! and don’t want firewall and antispam, since it doesn’t provide any better protection (Script Shield is not a major part). Therefore it makes more sense to me to include the Script Shield also in the Free Antivirus. So Pro is really for the people who just want to support avast! and IS for the families and as flagship product. Or is there more to come? I thought in the same Softpedia interview they mentioned they were thinking about Family Safety and Backup.

Also version 6 will include search results ranking (like LinkScanner/SiteAdvisor, but not with the traffic light system, but 1 to 5 stars), next to that it will have more cloud support. According to that same interview.
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Where will they get profit if they provide full protection to the free version? No reason to get the paid version.

What about comodo.?
Wheres their profit.?
they offer a full suite for free!!

They get profit selling certificates, ssl… but this is another business

I think that only Norton and Comodo have both kind of business

Im sorry but you are going to have to do better than that.
I believe the majority of software companies have “other” business interests including avast no doubt.
There is no excuse for producing limited free software.
Its a gimmick to entice the user into buying.
There is far too much of the corparate level way of thinking.
It is a ploy by software companies to get money out of people and its disgraceful behavior.
A 30-day FULL trial would be more acceptable and would generate a far more positive reaction from the user end.
It was in this very forum that agnitum were roasted for offering a limited internet security suite.
That reaction just about summed it all up.

Regards. >:-D

No, that is enough, but there are other reasons.

You believe?

I believe that you are wrong ;D

There is no excuse for producing limited free software.
Yes there are
Its a gimmick to entice the user into buying.
Who is doing that?
A 30-day FULL trial would be more acceptable and would generate a far more positive reaction from the user end.
Almost all the AV companies offers a trial period.

Well beliefs can be changed in an instant.
You have contradicted yourself terribly.
The very forum which you are in is about a product which promotes and fully utilizes the theory of free security for all.
And yet you yourself have taken that into the dark world of financial marketry.
If comodo was a limited free version…Would you still use it.??
And yet you condone other companies for employing that very ethic.
A contradiction in terms i think. >:-D


Im too good looking to be a troll hehehe.
You my good friend are almost as good looking as me.
Freedom of Speech.

Any time Avast is mentioned here, it gets amusing… :wink:
Ok, my input, every company dictates it’s business model, so does Avast and Comodo. Both are good enough to protect the system. It’s the user that decides what he will use and what he will need, not the company.
And there are free alternatives that combined together can almost achieve Comodo All-In-One…
But since Comodo is All-In-One and very light with the system and integrated, it’s my choice.

Uff I see you don’t get the idea and I dont want to lose my time, good luck

Im very sorry if expressing an opinion differs from you sir.
And if that means “not getting the point” then so be it.
Thank you for your time anyway.
“Always better to withdraw if your battle is lost”
Kind regards.

If “not getting the point” for you means that…
If you are not able to understand that the people work for money is not my problem.

"Always better to withdraw if your battle is lost" Kind regards.

No, what it’s always better is not to lose my time

I absolutely agree with you.
Ok im not a businesssman myself so i dont know too much about the details of all this.
Im just expressing what i see and what i perceive to be happening.
I think this troll has said enough.
All the very best to you.
:■■■■ (:CLP)

Who you think you are to call me troll?
This is what you do when somebody has a different opinion?

Could you explain or proof any of your claims? or you were just inventing things?

In fact you are so uninformed since Comodo is a limited free software, with the full version you get more protection “vpn”

Pipe down, guys, law and order :P0l
Stop flaming each other…