Avast Webshield

I am using Avast antivirus which includes Webshield for scanning any data passing through my internet connection for viruses. Webshield works fine, but when I switch to Tor for web-browsing, internet traffic is no longer running through Webshield - it runs through Tor only… Does anyone know of a way to use both Tor and Webshield at the same time?

You should ask this at Avast forums :slight_smile:

Actually, a good question would be, are you currently running Comodo Internet Security along with this Avast product?

Yes, I am currently running CIS (the most recent version). This question could probably be asked in both the Avast forum and the Comodo forum. Maybe there is a Comodo user that is familiar with this issue and may be able to recommend a proxy setting or something that allows use of both Tor and Avast Webshield.

CIS cant proxify traffic of other apps. So issue you described cant be solved by adjusting CIS.
It’s Tor’s and Avast’s cooperation issue.

Hello again, David1. Please keep us updated on this topic what is said over in the other forum. We can further see this problem played out, then discuss it in our product compatibility thread. Thanks.