Avast Web Rep

Amazing Avast Web Rep works on Comodo Dragon. How it works in CD? Avast Web Rep supports only 3 Browsers IE, FF & Chrome. Web Rep Settings shows IE - Web Rep Installed, FF - Browser Not Installed & Chrome - Browser Not Installed. So how is it working on CD??


Possibly avast! WebRep now in Chrome?

CD is a chromium based browser… so only it works… :-La

If you read the comments below the blog entry, someone says…

It works flawlessly also in Iron by Srware (based on Chromium) ..
So, I suspect that may not be true.. any more. Possibly was true yesterday at some point. :)

edit: I also note that someone is giving instructions on how to install it in CD… something to do with a CRX file.

I didn’t do anything. Just installed Avast AV & then CD & found that Web Rep was there in CD.


Fair enough, but I suspect that it might be best to ask this on avast’s forums. After all, if there is a way that could have happened, then I assume that they would know or, at least, confirm that it wasn’t them.