Avast web filter conflict with CFW

I have been reading in different forums that avast web filter doesn’t play nice with CFW or vice versa and I was curious if it’s been fixed or not cause an Avast mod said it’s on comodo’s end…I’d like to run this combo soon…

Off topic...has the issue with avast web shield and comodo internet security been fixed? I'd love to run that combo again!

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It will only be fixed when comodo fix it, as the problem is on their side.

A very loose explanation, their firewall isn’t using a particular windows network redirect API so they can’t determine what process is using the avast localhost proxy from the proxy itself.

Problem fixed in CIS version 5.12 according to the post at: https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/cis-512-for-windows-8-t86289.0.html;msg617731#msg617731

I am running CFW 5.12.256249.2599 and Avast 7 on WinXP SP3 with no problems.

Awesome, kudos to you sir! ;D

If the problem was at Comodo’s end, then only the Comodo firewall would have the problem. Which isn’t the case…

Avast is planning on changing the way they utilize the proxy because of this problem. :-X

As the whole proxy based process of filtering connections brings some confusion (such as this) over time, we are planning to remove the proxy from future versions of avast and replace it with other techniques. Please stay tuned. :P