Avast vs CIS on WebSite Alert

Avast alerted me to a possible threat on the site below; CIS did not.
Can you all tell if FlyFishRadio.com has a threat?
BIZMONSTER.NET also has the same problem.

I use Opera with the iFrames Turned OFF for good reasons like this.
The site has them and they look kind Phishy to me.

-Thanks for the help 8)

& yes I have uninstalled Avast & went with CIS for now. No reason why just wanted a change…

It appears that the link is already down. - May I suggest in future that if you have any questions like this again to please Pm one of the members from the malware research group. It’s just that live malware is not allowed to be posted on the public forum so that novice users do not click the link accidently.

Finjan didn’t have any problems with FlyFishRadio.com, or any of the bizmonster.net URLs that Google turned up.

You are right BIZMONSTER.NET is down. It was up on Sunday or Monday.

Thanks for the help.

Did FlyFishRadio.com have malWare?

Finjan Secure Browsing didn’t think so. I also saw nothing to make me think otherwise.

Please don’t post any live malware or links to url’s that may contain this. That is only allowed in the shielded malware research group board.

Please PM one of the mods or one of the people from the malware reaearch group.

Why is it that you always repeat what i say 88)

Thanks for the tip…
Clickers knew what they were getting in to by the nature of the post 88)

It’s kinda like standing in the middle of a Fire Ant Bed just so you can dance around :o

Will CIS warn me about a Bad Site like Avast will???

The antivirus, Maybe
Defense+ will.

Thanks 8)