Avast Version 4.8.1195 [CLOSED]

Version 4.8.1195
May 12, 2008

* solved incompatibility of the avast self protection module and the System Restore feature (Windows XP/Vista)
* solved keyboard/mouse lags in some games (e.g. World of Warcraft)
* "Quick" scan now quick again (in the previous version, it was usually slower than "Normal" scan)
* fixed slow resuming from hibernation (on certain systems)
* improved stability of aswSP.sys kernel driver
* fixed deleting of infected files in some nested archives
* shell extension: under Windows Vista, shortcut targets are now correctly scanned
* boot-time scanner now correctly displays warning messages about corrupted archives
* improved scanning speed in the Simple user interface
* improved handling of scan exceptions
* self protection: improved detection of changes in the INI file
* start of the "avast! Mail Scanner" service should now be fast again
* fixed a problem with avast being installed in a directory with name containing non-Latin characters
* fixed entering of the license key (didn't work in certain configurations)
* improved detection/healing of MBR rootkits
* avast can now correctly handle the case when the INI file is missing/corrupted
* the "Disable startup rootkit scan" option on the Troubleshooting page now effective
* P2P Shield: added support for Azureus Vuze and Qtrax
* taskbar messages from Internet Mail should now correctly handle most common character encodings
* fixed problems with the boot-time scanner on FAT[32] partitions
* small improvements in some unpackers (WinExec, RAR, CHM)
* fixed the message announcing the license key going to expire soon
* on 64-bit Windows, avast now detects both 32-bit and 64-bit version of the WHS connector
* the avast Home / Pro Edition comparison window is now correctly displayed even under Windows 9x

If you already have Avast installed simply right click on the “a” in your taskbar and select program update from the updating section.

So far so good! (:CLP)


I tried once Avast but GUI was awful (to me of course :)), when I saw it, I immediately uninstall, any words of GUI changing?

Dont use the default skin. It comes with 2 skins and there are several others to download. Dont need to stick with what it comes with.

I saw Vista skin it is lovely but I talk about functionality, usability, everything is displaced and somehow “hidden” on some “obscure” places, complete app. is too weird and too confusing to me…

What…come on now. My 70 year old Mother knows how to use this program. Nothing is hidden. Its all very easy to find out what settings are what.

Ok, ok, I will try it again, maybe I was drunk that day or something… :slight_smile:

Maybe Vettetech will give you his mom’s number for consulting. :wink: I find it easy to use, especially with the choice of skins moving buttons and things around to suit. I use the Vista-like skin (avist by szc) and think it is a whole lot better than the old default skin.

:BNC :■■■■

I always used the “no-skin”, the plain GUI (really hated the skins, I excluded them already in the installation). The GUI still was a little messy for me. E.g. the VRDB feature - I could only find it in the tray icon, and there were two menus in the GUI for all other settings. Sure I learned how it worked, but I actually don’t remember if I even managed to re-enable VRDB after having disabled it.


Avast! got nice feature named Simple UI (no skins AT all) plain Windows UI
(nearly simplest UI you can ever imagine)

click on Avast icon > program settings > Common > untick Enable Skins for Simple User Interface

fast to do this simple change yet most of people fails to find it :slight_smile:


This is the GUI I’m talking about. Still I don’t understand why there are settings both under “Tools” and “Settings”. And the VRDB feature, is it actually available from any of those menus, or is it necessary to go to the tray icon?


i got no settings under tools sections …
VRDB stuff is only accessable by tray options

I get a system freeze everytime it updates! (:AGY)

What updates? The data base? I have Avast running on 4 laptops here at work and not one problem. I also do updates in silent mode with no sounds.

Are there any remnants of a previous A/V?

Signature updates for some reason slow my PC pretty much to a hault and then back to normal once the signature update is complete. Just a strange anomily perhaps.

check CPU usage on processes while the VPS update is in progress there seems to be some iffy bug around …

Tested it. Running great, Back to Avira :slight_smile: Avast & Avira are the top FREE AV’S! :slight_smile:

BTW… There is some kind of compatibility problem with System Safety Monitor & this new Avast! version, a Test version is coming out soon… According to the Avast Forums…