AVAST update will Kill your PC!

Dec. 9 AVAST anti-viral update will delete other programs on computers!

Thank God! I went back to CIS last week!!!

at least CIS has never done this, the last problem just caused high resource usage, not killing programs. This is why you have to have very hard testing barriers before a update gets released. Looks like avast didn’t even test that update before they released it, because it should have been caught.

Everyone does a stupid thing from time to time… let’s hope it stays with 1 time !


I’m an Avast fan… I just wanted a change.
In this case change was good - for a change.

NOTE: Avast does have a fix out!

Please see this apologies and explanations Apologies for Bad Definition Update

Hi Guys,

Sure every vendor can make a mistake and that’s happening from time to time.

There is no such thing as AV / Anti-malware without FPs. That will never happen and we all have to live with it.

One thing is not pointed in the article… or I missed it.

The disaster most likely happened and affected those users who left “auto-” quarantine / delete / heal

Only user has to be blamed for that and nobody else.

As soon as any security installed one has to go through the settings and must disable those “auto” features That is the law!

Usually that is not very obvious thing, since the said option(s) are spread in the settings.

You have to know the security you are working with and disable that in all possible places leaving all options as “Notify only”

How many users’ systems were damaged beyond repair that way when there were FPs in system area ?

So who has to be blamed in the 1st place ?