Avast upcoming new technologies.

Please read everything vlk wrote,Explains it all :-TU

Thanks for the links. Avast is a very serious competitor in the AV market now with such technological advancements :slight_smile:


Its most likely the best free antivirus out there.
But it has also been the most troublesome with many users complaining of constant Bluescreens.

Also it is slowly becoming a bag of bloated adware and in your face marketing.
The software updater in its present form is completely useless as it doesnt allow the manual addition of programs to be updated and only shows flash player and your browser which can be done manually yourself.

Good av but unfortunately it is becoming more and more evident they are pushing you to purchase the program with advertising slogans and pop ups and this is even with the paid product.

Cheers. 8)

Mr.arnold,my opinion is that your claims are completely wrong…and with the latest program update I dont see any reports of instability of avast on their forums apart from those caused by other programs.

Bloated adware?? about what?? the google toolbar!? but you get a option to uncheck that in the installer so it is your fault if you didnt see it… I have avast installed on serveral clients machines and they arent facing anything like this,also my own machines here run avast and they arent getting adverts so I now I know those statements are blind assumptions have you tried the latest version of avast where there arent any direct adverts like avira ;D

you just get a small advert box with the update notification sometimes…you click close and its gone.I think in a AV protection is more important rather than small small things that I said above unless you use avira :wink:

I have used v8 a long time on my laptop and keep monitoring it on other machines too and I dont know what you are talking about ???

Mind you,I dont run avast on my laptop anymore because I wanted a change this runs EAM now ;D

Avira ? They are going to release the Avira Protection Cloud for on access scanning :-TU .
But for the moment only for paids products, depending on marketing department decision, it will be available for free or not…

They are all ‘Competitors’, no matter where they are sitting on the scale. :slight_smile:

With the deepest respect to you,
But i really must differ with you here.
The bluescreen problems on the avast forum have not been caused by other programs.
The minidump files which have been uploaded have clearly identified avast drivers as being the issue and their forum is full of these issues so i think it would be very silly to sweep it under the carpet and say avast has not been causing issues.

Also if you browse the avast forum you will notice threads in which advertising pop ups are occuring on a regular basis plus the main interface has icons for marketing and other pay for products in the free version and even members who have paid for avast have these annoying ads and popups…The threads in the forum are clearly there.

I noticed you mentioned avira,well avira has no ads in its interface and there is a ad pop up about once in a fortnight and there is no pop up when avira updates so to compare avira with avast is nonsense.

I personally dont like the word “competitor” except perhaps in the sports industry but to be using terminology like compete in a security field is utter hogwash and its not a race or competition or at least it shouldnt be,but rather customer satisfaction and a good solid security product with no ulterior motives based on monetary gain and i think this is where the security industry has lost focus and sees dollar signs rather than 100% customer service.

Thank You.

And how do you know that the dumps uploaded were for issues only residing on avast drivers as dumps are uploaded to the ftp server where only avast team has access to download the dumps I see you are plainly assuming things again and the ads come in form of small pop ups which come attached to the update pop up.

As for the problems, seriously, a program with almost 200 million users and some ppl say it with sort of smug sentences like no other program than avast! ever had such problems after release. ::slight_smile: Beta was tested by like 30.000 users per avast!'s statistics out of which only a small fraction actually bothered to report problems and took a regular part in testing it properly. The rest were mostly casual testers for the Youtube or users just lurking around to see how it looks and feels. So if i take it very optimistically, 100 ppl were actively testing it and reporting issues. Thats 100 potentially different system configurations. Out of these 100, they resolved all the known issues that were reported during beta.

Now, release such program to an user base of like 180 million different configurations. You have to be a monumentally ignorant fool* to think any program will be released without a single issue in such scenario. It’s just not possible even from a statistical perspective. So naturally, just like me, avast! team and the rest of regular beta testers are expecting problems which may not be strictly caused by avast! itself but by the “collision” of avast! with millions of different PC configurations where something will for sure go wrong.
We can all be wrong with safety predictions and there won’t be any problems at all (hurray in that case), but you just can’t assume that when there are so many unknown variables that may affect avast! operation.

But do know that they always take BSOD’s with highest priority, that avast! v8 now comes with automatic crash reporting system that will in most cases submit the crash report to avast! team automatically and that for the first few days or even weeks they’ll be closely monitoring the reported problems and will be preparing a post-release update that will address those problems (if there will be any). It has been this way for several releases now and so far it worked perfectly fine. There will be raging users just like always and just like it happens with any program where certain users have problems but for the rest of ppl who understand it, there won’t be any problems.

So I beg to differ and open your eyes up and browse the avast forums and check the latest topics rather than assuming things :slight_smile:

I bet you havent been a long term avast user whereas I have been since v4.

I have had Avast installed for along time and I never get ANY upgrade pop ups. And yes I have Avast Free

Please read some replies very carefully,some people have posted ad images of avast that were of last year and do not exist now: adverts..adverts.... oh and more adverts

what!? you say avira doesnt have ads…you kidding me!? I used latest version lately and on every update it threw up ads for me and UI was unstable and rather than that they are lacking way behind in AV-C

So you call this ad: http://i.imgur.com/VZjdJcz.jpg

But even comodo pops up to promote on facebook bet no one here will call it a ad :wink:

How much time does it take to click X :stuck_out_tongue:

But I guess Ad is the most Important thing in a antivirus or what :wink:

Oh wait see attached image which is a real annoyance for avira

see: chart.av-comparatives.org/chart1.php

So anything else sir :smiley:

My last sentence here: If you dont like avast,dont comment here,we dont need haters vs likers flame war.

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First of all i must congratulate you on a lengthy and informative reply and i thank you dearly.
You are correct i have not used avast for a great deal of time and its been on and off.

My experience with avira has been vastly different to yours and i saw no pop ups when it updated.
Your obviously more experienced with avast than me so i will not enter into a debate over its good and bad points,It was a superb av when i last used it which was version 8.(1489) and this version was causing me problems.
I tried to get some advice on the avast forum and was met with rude personal criticism and unhelpful advice in all so i decided not to pursue any more attempts at installing avast.

Anyhow im using the full comodo suite and it has never given me any issues to date except minor bugs,
Unfortunately avast was giving me BSOD at every boot up and removing avast stopped the bluescreens so it was obvious avast was the issue.

Its a great av but sadly it didnt like my computer for some reason.


If you read instead of posting you would have noticed that the request has been made several times to send in your dumps for analysis on avast forums.
Complaining without the willingness to help solve the problem is totally useless for those that have the problem or for Avast in their ability to resolve the problem.

OK guy’s do not make this into a personal issue.
Thank you.

im glad that your are using comodo if you put the sandbox setting to untrusted then your pc will be a malware killing Machine in no time