Avast - some concerns (from Avast forum)

Might be worth having a look at this and see how it develops:

especially how Alwil responds.

Interesting that it’s a Chinese organisation raising these issues.

Hi giraffe, just’ve read it. The guy over there did not mention Avira, by the way, does he know her?

And, did you read some lines further?

He is being asked if he’s the same guy as the one known over there at Wilders…
He admits that, and then states he’s not that very often on Wilders now. (Nice step, if only true…)

I do not use avast, btw. , never really liked the GUI (no matter which skin I chose). Still, I would/should/could’ve been surprised by his statement. I was not. Because, even if I ever thought that avast looks and behaves somewhat ■■■■■■ inside every possible skin I never said it was that bad at detection, while this guy pretends so. I don’t really believe him.

And I’m not that sure if this isn’t anything but an attempt to promote Rising AV or some worse prog from Beijing (because Rising AV is not really ■■■■, but not very good either…it just looks rather fine in it’s 2008 black clothing, but I would never rely on a beautiful surface alone either)

To me, Avira is beautiful. Why? (you may say that she doesn’t look too beautiful at all - totally admitted - but she does her job, i.e. securing millions of people worldwide, rather well, and for free. Now, ain’t that beautiful? OK, somewhat off topic. Sorry…)

By the way, this whole topic somewhat reminds me of former bashings of Avira free because of lacking an e-mail scanner. Well, I don’t think I need one.

Avast is still a great av. Not as good as Avira Premium 8 but still good. I agree with Morph cause I use web based email anyways. I dont need an email scanner. Yahoo does that for me.

What suprised me was that he actually said that NOD32’s was good, I’m using it now but never thought it would score that great. (:LGH)
Also, I’ve never thought that Avast was good, at least not for me, I never understood why they used that mediaplayer skin and was never capable of using it as it used to be (even with other skins), so for me it was ineffective.


With a bit of luck the thread will at least make Alwil consider some aspects of Avast - if it does that it’s worthwhile.

As for skins: I like apps. to look ‘right’ (one minor reason for using Opera), but for security apps. I don’t care too much - function and useability are paramount. In Avast I’ve disabled skins.

Do you have some kind of problem with Wilders?

I have (:NRD) People there are paranoid self-defence killing recourse hoggers. They think that running several antivirusses + several antispyware + some antitrojan + some antirootkits + else and then they have 1 sandboxer + 1 virtualizer also a firewall (why not more ;D, I wonder) and then they say they still don’t feel secure 88). So after seen that, I do have something against Wilders, also which I forgot, it’s a fortress of Online Armor, all the rest is unsecure they say. (some people even gone back from comodo to online armor because then they could pay ← really happened )


Please can we not start other forum bashing.You all have your own views and are perfectly entitled to them,but lets please be adult about this and not start mud slinging.



done :wink:


I agree with reply# 6 150%.

TNX :wink:


Avast is indeed still a great Anti-Virus.

One reason why I switched from Avast to Avira is because I only use Web-based mail too. Avira’s detection’s rates are higher as well, But let’s not get into bashing :P0l


Yes people are SO paranoid.



Yes, indeed but I don’t think solcroft telling lies, they indeed test AVs with 0days virus samples (200-400 per day) here:
(use some translate service, language is Chinese)

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MorphOS REBOL, I think you are very near to violate forum police:

“Political flames. As above - Comodo forum participants have different backgrounds and political views. Flaming each other based on these helps no one and will be intervened by Comodo staff and/or Mods.”

Those who tell the truth will always violate restrictions.

question is: Do we need that kind of truth here?


Your post is very !ot! & I agree with salmonela’s assessment - behave please.

Correction: Those who think they are telling the truth will always violate restrictions.

Mr MorphOS REBOL knows nothing about the Tibetan situation, save for what the Western media has spun to him. And according to him, the Chinese government doing its best to save the quake victims is “trying to make itself popular”. I think the qualifications (or lack thereof) of Mr MorphOS REBOL to make unbiased and objective statements is painfully obvious.

My advice to Mr MorphOS REBOL is to not speak of what you know nothing of. You’re only exposing yourself as the fool you are.