Avast or AntiVir or AVG or ... ???

I’ve been using Avira AntiVir for several years now and get bored with it. I know this is not a good reason to change, especially as it has never disappointed me. ;D However, I started searching the web for alternatives and of course found many. Trying to find more information about effectiveness, bugs, impact on resources etc. I got, of course, very contradictory opinions.
Btw, I already gave CAVS beta (version 2.?) a try but encountered many problems; so I think I’ll wait for a stable final version before giving it another try).
Back to business:
I know that it’s best to simply try a prog and find out for oneself. No two systems are alike, no two opinions are exactly alike, no two … are alike.
I’m still interested in what you think as I have a very high opinion of the people here in the Comodo forum, and their opinions.
So please share.

Btw, even if you’re welcome to mention EVERY single AV that exists, I’m most interested in free solutions (call me a tight-arse if you like ;D).
Thanks for sharing your opinions.

P.S.: Do you know how I can make sure to uninstall AntiVir completely?

Lol Grampa, you are bored with your AV :o

If you are looking for a freeware AV, you will find some useful information here :


Greetz, Red.

Hey Red,
good to hear from you again!
I already read about any test / on any site / in any forum I could possible find (including the one you linked - of which I’m really grateful: very useful information indeed).
I’m just interested in the opinions of fellow Comodians and in which AV they use.
Btw, ‘bored’ is the wrong word, I’m just in the mood for trying new (to me) progs - with CPF v3 beta being released soon.
What’s more, I’ve heard many people say that Avast was the better AV, which raised my interest in other forum-member’s opinions.
grampa. :■■■■

Me again :slight_smile:

I have been using Avast Home for years, and it’s always served me well. I don’t, however, use all the included features, as they tend to slow my poor 56k connection down too much.

I must admit, based on some of the conversations, here and elsewhere, I have to wonder about the need for ‘resident’ AV.

Attack vectors are changing, as are the malware. It seems to me that a new approach may be necessary to counter these threats.

There was an interesting post at the BBC, Interesting article from BBC… that Melih linked to yesterday. The PDF is linked here, it’s an interesting read.


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Hey Toggie,
always glad to hear from you.
Thanks for sharing your very interesting thoughts. I’ve already read the BBC article, quite interesting (if somewhat worrying :-\ ).
As you said:

I think CPF v3 is a step in the right direction. (B)

With CF 3 you can close this thread ;). By that I mean I agree with Toggie.

Grampa, you sure know how to attract members to reply everytime you start a new topic. Of the 3, I’ve only used AVG in the past. Here’s more from my answer:

2 days to go … (I hope)

P.S. If you want to post in this thread, make haste. It will be closed on monday! :smiley:

I only meant that in the metaphoric sense in that an AV isn’t needed with CF 3. You can keep it open if you like.

Hi grampa! I’m certainly no expert, but here is my view - which is mainly coloured by input and experiences from the last few weeks of trying Comodo products: It’s too difficult to say which AV is “the best”. Therefore, I’ve started to think about the whole spectra of protection, and computer usage habits. I think the actual risk of getting infected by malware depends so much on what you click or not click.

Currently I use CAVS 2 beta (because (L) ), but to be honest, I have a feeling that those three AVs you mention are all better - as long as we don’t have HIPS in the picture. Now we do have HIPS, so bad files never have to be executed, and for extra protection there’s BOClean.

So my conclusion, I guess, is - consider your computer usage habits, use a FW that de facto is quite leak safe (CPF 2.4 of course) and chose any AV of the four we have discussed in this thread - and don’t forget BOClean.

Being careful in usage (and careful in backin up) I will most likely use only CPF 3 (when it is released) + BOClean. But that’s just me :wink:

By the way, check out this thread where I some AV matters with Soya:

Hey Soya,

I understood that, hence the :smiley:
And I totally agree with you, hence the

Oh, I forgot to say goodbye:
grampa (V)

I agree with LeoniAquila :slight_smile:

The question should not be what AV is the best. The question should be what “security suite” is the best :slight_smile:

But I don’t agree with Soya :-\

In my opinion HIPS is no replacement for Black- ( or White- ) listing. They all should be working together. My ideal AV/AS scanner would work like this :

  1. If the item is on the White list it is allowed.
  2. If the item is on the Black list it is not allowed.
  3. If the item is not on the White- or the Black list use HIPS.

Greetz, Red.

I’m only pointing out my perspective. As per the other threads I noted it’s based on experience, knowledge, confidence levels, non-IE browser, etc. After being on a clean system for so many months, there’s simply no need for scanners, not even for backup. I’ve been through these things for some time so my position is apparently different than the general, common user.

I respect your opinion Soya, but don’t you think that the general common user wants a “security suite” that takes all/most decisions for him/her ? Than a Firewall and HIPS only can’t be the answer.

Greetz, Red.

I like AVG, it seems very stable and since it works I don’t bother to change it.

Antivirus products tend to go through varying performance levels throughout their life-time. Today x product could be the best and tomorrow y could be the best…

Stick with one that you like…

Yup. That’s pretty much the other side of what I tried to explain. Then it would make me a non-general user. A FW + HIPS (especially Comodo’s v3) is enough for someone who’s experienced and careful, but I don’t want to continue this particular topic here in the AV thread.

More interesting questions are when was the last time your [anyone reading this] AV detected a true virus and what sites/downloads caused those viruses to infect your pc? The last time AVG did for me was so many years ago, which was one reason why I didn’t need it anymore. Aside from that, it isn’t a bad product. Although many reports on the web state its detection rate isn’t as high as the other (free) AV’s like Avast or Antivir for a long time. Just depends exactly what factors one prioritizes.

More interesting questions are when was the last time your [anyone reading this] AV detected a true virus and what sites/downloads caused those viruses to infect your pc?

Not for a very long time, certainly years.

That full PDF from google I posted earlier, places the malware into three categories:

Obfuscated (unknown)

Although ‘traditional’ viruses are mentioned, they were not much in evidence. Typically, of course, the classic AV packages are not geared specifically to detecting these kinds of problems, hence the reason we have to have Anti virus, Anti spyware and Anti Trojan applications.

I had all these and more, then one day I realised that 60Mb plus of memory and who knows how much CPU time, were dedicated to these applications alone!

As for a security suite, by their very nature, they cannot be best of breed, so it becomes a compromise.

Regarding CFP3 and Hips, there has been much speculation and discussion over the last few weeks. Perhaps on Monday we’ll know. Until then…


I used to use AVG for awhile and then went to Avast and then on to Antivir.

Currently Antivir is in the top 3 of antivirus detection rates. I ended up buying the premium addition as it only cost me £11. It’s really quite good and throws up an alert even if you try and download a virus! Current stats on av-comparatives.org show it detects 98.3% which is third. The top two were multi engine antivirus products. It’s recently updated and included rootkit and hidden program detection.

** Do remember to go to the configuration and to the general tab and select EXTENDED THREAT CATEGORIES and make sure all of those items are checked. They now include:

Application (APPL)
Double extension files
Security Privacy Risk (SPR)
Unusual Runtime Compresson Tools

This is all even in the free version!

It’s protected me well though the spyware detection is still improving. I think there’s some way to go on that score so you still need to run an anti-spy application.


Hi Eric. Since you used the 3 most popular free AV’s, which do you consider the best for pc performance (boot/shutdown times, during active pc use, etc.) and are the differences between paid and free worthwhile? Avast has the least gap difference between their paid and free versions: Download Free Antivirus Software | Avast 2023 PC Protection

AVG - I’ve only used the free version but that’s the fastest. Detection rate for Pro version on av-comparatives = 96.37% and on virus.gr the Anti-Malware version = 92.4%. Not sure how it compares to the paid for avg. Updates - Small frequent ones - You need to turn off the notification on WIndows security center as AVG’s update priority is slow.

Avast - I’ve only used the free version but it’s the slowest on my XP Modern laptop . Detection rate for pro version on av-comp = 93.86% and on virus.gr = 92.82. Paid version does include some cool extra features. Updates - Regular normal ones

Antivir - I’ve used both. It’s speed is about the same as AVG. Detection Rate on AV-Comparatives = 98.85% on Virus.gr not yet published. The only difference with the paid version is that it includes email protection. Updates - these updates are larger than the other two and take a little longer to download. The updates on the free version are once a day the paid version allows once every 5 hours.

The only products that are better than Antivir on AV-Comparatives.org are: GData Anti-virus Kit and TrustPort AV. It’s even beaten Kaspersky on this round of tests.

There are a lot of different ones out there… Have a look at www.av-comparatives.org for PAID programs and www.virus.gr for both free and paid versions.

Comodo AVS (Free) is still showing up on virus.gr with a low detection rate but it is planning to add Comodo BOClean’s signatures to the list which should significantly improve it’s detection rate. It is a good solid product and includes HIPS. There used to be conflicts between Avast and Comodo Firewall but that’s been fixed.

It can be a difficult search for a proper AV… I was originally looking at ESET NOD32 which has a detection rate of 96.71 on av-comp. It is apparently really good at catching spyware as well. I did try it out and it seemed quite low on system resources.

P.S. Comodo Firewall Pro (Also Free) will have HIPS included in it. The beta is due for release on Monday.

I hope all of that helped!

Thank you EricEgan :slight_smile:

The problem I have with AntiVir is that the free version has no email protection. Otherwise it would be my 1st choice of freeware AV :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.