Avast new CEO came from Symantec

I suppose that means their AV will continue to be inefficient.

??? I suppose this mean you don’t like ALWIL and maybe Symantec products as well…

…good luck with the members who use one of these two brands as it is unlikely they will neglect such comments. :-X

Endymion probably hits the nail on the head.

This is no topic start. This is pure flame bait…

Please consider changing this topic to a productive one or I will close it…

Well Eric…

To call Avast inefficient is not an opinion but a factual statement.

If this is not productive enough go ahead and close it.

Your topic start seems to be based on nothing. You don’t give any information or source to back up your claim that things will not change with the coming of the former Symantec employee.

That is where your OP is lacking in arguments.

This videos are in french but that’s not a handicap since the images say it all.
I had NIS 2008 installed on my PC last year for a couple of months. And it was that oh so disappointing experience that drove me to CIS. And it drove me as well to buy myself a Workstation from VMware.
From the many tests I did (with fresh malware samples, any AV can stop the old ones) I was left with respect for only one of the classical suites, and that is Kaspersky.

So…we’ll be here to check out Avast 5.0

If you like kaspersky give GDATA a try , it is even better in my opinion. ;D

Let’s see where this takes avast!. Sounds like he has alot of experience and appears to be a decent guy. We shall see :slight_smile:

A free version will have less feature from present.
Because Symantec say User “Must” paid for protection.

Ps.Did himself agree that to ?

I did give Gdata a try. It’s effective but also a resouce hog.

Not correct.

According to the avast blog, the free version of avast 5 will have all the features of the current free version (minus the VRDB, which is being discontinued for all versions), plus a new behaviour blocker. The paid versions (pro and the new suite) will also feature a sandbox (or something along those lines - details are sketchy) and a firewall (suite only).

Beanie :slight_smile:

The GUI is different but the organization of the product around modules is the same.

"Starting with version 5, avast! now officially supports heuristics (proactive detection), although between me and you, many of the stuff has already been present in the previous versions – but we haven’t marketed it in any way."



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This thread has received no purpose from the word “go”, And to avoid further flames or arguments, This thread is now closed.