Avast incompatible with comodo suddenly?

Windows 7 sp1.
Out of nowhere, my computer started to get into bsod on boot (not allways, but sometimes more than once).
On a fresh os installation the same.

Until i uninstalled avast.
It ran fine for years like that. And i did not have more than data system protection installed from avast services. All reasonable “problem solution”-settings were made in avast.
Comodo only FW and hips, no sandbox.

If you install avast on a fresh machine first, comodo agent can not initialate.
I did not expect avast to be the sudden cause.
But now its obvious.

Now, with all new stuffs on Avast and Comodo (v7) I think that you can expect incompatibilites…a lot. That’s obvious to me.

I don’t think you need both Avast and Comodo. :slight_smile:

I used just the basic antivirus function of avast. Nothing else of it has been installed.

Not sure what happened then. At least Comodo has a good AV built in if you want it. :slight_smile:

The same thing has been happening to me for many months. WhoCrashed says sometimes Avast is causing it sometimes Comodo.

Comodo got no update that differs from when it worked fine.
Avast got some.

For me it’s been happening since the beginning of V6 of Comodo.

Then windows 7 could be part of the problem.

It’s also been mentioned on the Avast forum.