Avast! Home/Pro 4.8 officialy released


Yes thats it. If you use Avira and click on the ZIP files it will let you download them.

downloading… :slight_smile:

switched to Avast 4.8 home edition (hi goose18 (:WAV) )
some questions : (:NRD)

  • should i generate avast VRGB everytime i start my comp or what? it’s something like “system restore”,am i right?
  • i think goose18 mentioned that avast 4.8 offers spyware & rootkit detection, where can i see it?
    * does it have “virus database/definition list”? (found it!)
  • i have these kernel32.dll, winsock.dll,wsock32.dll in “virus chest”, what are they? isn’t this chest similar to quarantined item? so these things are virus?
  • where do i set the heuristic level? i have all shield on “high” sensitivity, is that it? senstivity=heuristic level?
    and how good is avast’ heuristic compared to antivir’s?

that’s all (:TNG)

additional question :
how do i enable this? what’s “archive files” exactly?

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Alright i’ll take a shot at answering :stuck_out_tongue: “Should i generate avast VRGB everytime i start my computer” VRDB stands for “Virus Recovery Database”; it was known as “Integrity Database” in previous avast! versions. The aim of VRDB is to help when, despite all the security measures, a virus gets inside the computer and the files are infected. With the help of VRDB, it is possible to repair many infected files (return them exactly to their original state). VRDB is announced by an icon with the letter “i” in the system tray (next to the clock). If the icon is animated, the database is being created right now. I have mine set to Generate VRDB when the screen saver comes on.

Yes Avast 4.8 has integrated Anti spyware and Anti Rootkit the only options i saw for it is when you go to install if you choose custom install it allows you to choose or not choose to install them. It is protecting from spyware and rootkits 24/7. :-TU

“i have these kernel32.dll, winsock.dll,wsock32.dll in “virus chest”, what are they? isn’t this chest similar to quarantined item? so these things are virus?” First off NO they are not viruses. I’m not exactly sure why they are there but they are there on both of my computers too. You should not have anything to worry bout with those :wink:

“where do i set the heuristic level? i have all shield on “high” sensitivity, is that it? sensitivity=heuristic level?
and how good is avast’ heuristic compared to antivir’s?” Currently Avast does not use Heuristics. Besides its Email scanner. Is is based on Signatures only. But i set all my shields to high (which i recommend doing) and i have been virus clean for awhile now.

Hope this answers your questions :slight_smile: (:WAV)

On a lighter note , any Vista users out there can download a nice vista skin from the avast web site.

download at Avast | Download Free Antivirus & VPN | 100% Free & Easy

And i forgot to mention, if you like a very easy to use Anti Virus i suggest Avast. It has a very simple media player like Skin that is great for a beginner. :-TU

Ok I cant resist any longer. Hey Shin its right on front of you about scanning archives. Look at the scanner shot. LOL. Wanna barrow my contacts. You can access more options by simply right clicking on the “a” in your taskbar and selecting “on access protection control”. Also you can merge the VRDB icon with the avast icon in the taskbar.

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Ganda >:(

First of all : Did you ever hear of Google ??? http://www.google.com

And Avast! has a user forum too :slight_smile: http://forum.avast.com

On second thought … don’t go there, it is still a very peacefull forum and I don’t know if they are ready for you 88)

A very good explanation :

kernel32.dll, winsock.dll, wsock32.dll are all legit system files automatically backed up by avast! when installed. Copies of them are placed in the Chest as backup for additional protection in case the originals become corrupted and you need to restore them. You only need to be concerned with files in the "Infected files" section of the Chest.

RejZoR at the avast! Forum wrote:

This is a backup of clean system files, so you can restore them in case of serious infection.

Tech at the avast! Forum wrote (reply #13):

wsock32.dll winsock.dll kernel32.dll These files are CLEAN, not infected. They're into Chest due to backup purposes...

The Virus Chest is an isolated folder where infected files can be stored when detected by avast. Moving these files in the chest disables their usage and prevents them from causing any harm to your system. The Virus Chest also stores vital system files to prevent them from viral infection. The files are still functional, but access to them by any source is blocked until they are removed from that location.

From here :


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(:NRD) uh huh got it! :■■■■ :-* :-* love you vettetech ;D

i don’t need google if i have you (:SHY) ;D

  • OK i have VRDB generated when comp is idle
  • hmm, not cool, i wanna see the option to turn off/on rootkit detection like on antivir
  • uh huh, NP got it!
  • no heuristic >:( goose18 >:( i have a microwave you know?
  • what’s “archive files” ? (:TNG)


I kill the person who explains that to him. He has to learn how to find out himself :THNK

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So your gonna kill me. LOL. Get in line.

confrmed! avast 4.8 can detect spyware, it detects my spongebob screensaver installer as “adware” ;D

archive file : (:NRD)
A single file that contains a collection of different files and/or directories. Archive files are often used to transport collections of files …

so… what’s archive file ??? (:TNG) what? like a folder?zip/rar folder? i don’t remember if CAVS 2 & antivir have that archive file option.

So yes, it might be a .rar or .zip. Avira got the option to scan within archives.



So now I have to kill you (:TNG)

But please, let Ganda find out things himself. He is not a supid boy. In fact I think he is laughing that we always answer all his questions :THNK

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i’m still not sure about switching to AV that has no heuristic ability :THNK

Ok sorry guys but I don’t know about you but Avast was slowing up my boot times and certain web pages wouldnt load and I had to click try again in Firefox alot. Back to Avira Premium…

VETTETECH! you are the weakest link. GOODBYE :-TD

just messin around. sorry avast didn’t work for you :frowning: hope avira works good for ya :-TU still have to say this… Avast 4.8 all the way :-TU