Avast had some kind of 'FP' melt down

I’m having fun reading all the ‘comments’

I wish Avast all the best. I am sure this is NOT something that they want happen to their users.

These issues are bound to happen with blacklisting technologies :frowning:

(why didn’t Bob post this? :slight_smile: )

It might be interesting, but we all make mistakes and they remedied the problem in a short time. I don’t see much fun in someones accidental misfortune.
If anything similar happened to Comodo :frowning: , I would like to think other people didn’t get enjoyment from it.
To BoredNow. :slight_smile: We all have different thoughts and i respect yours, no offense intended.

Hi Melih. I do understand this comment, but stirring a dried pot just isn’t worth the effort. :o
Kind regards to all.

LOL…it was a light hearted comment…I personally do not have anything against bob and i understand he has to pay his bills by talking ■■■■ about his competitors cos thats what he gets paid to do…

Hi Melih. Light-hearted or not, 'twould have behoved you better to resist the initial urge, and at the behest of captainsticks, to desist from further “stirring”.

Considering the cited post is 10 days old, I think you should have taken your own advice and resisted the urge yourself.

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