Avast free or CIS?

Which better for gaming PC?And how it works after CIS update?Thanks

These are security poducts ‘not game boosters’ :smiley:
My recommend is always COMODO Internet Security, it is free and it can give the best protection to you on this market!

Todays threats are unknowns! So you cannot let an unknown application run in your PC. Comodo works with Default Deny mechanism.
It only allows to run “whitelisted” applications. Your system always safe and secure.
Comodo is not protecting you only from malicious, Comodo protects you from all unknown files.
If there is an unknown app, then it goes to automatic sandbox and it won’t hurt you and your files. Even ransomwares cannot damage your files while running in CIS’s sandbox.
If it is known malware for Comodo, then it goes to quarantine. You can use Comodo as anti-exe with more usability.
You can set CIS or CFW to “Block all unknowns” so there will be no running unknowns on your PC but safe ones.

You cannot risk your computer with running unknown applications.
Comodo gives all of these tools in a great Internet Security suite and for FREE!

I recommend you to do best decision, but it is up to you. Stay safe!